Rising electro-pop star LILURA releases surprise new track ‘Disaster’

by the partae
Rising electro-pop star LILURA releases surprise new track ‘Disaster’

Jemma Tweedie, otherwise known as LILURA, has announced the release of her new track Disaster. Released today, it was planned for a Summer release date alongside tour dates but with those now postponed indefinitely given the current situation she decided to share it with the world today.

LILURA, said: “Disaster came about when I was out on a writing trip in LA back in 2017 so I’ve had the song for a while now. It was originally written about a confusing crossroads between two relationships, so it has a bit of a dark meaning, but it still sounds fun and bouncy. I wanted to get that feeling across to the listener also. However bad a situation is we can always find a bit of a bright side! In the current world climate, I feel like it now takes on a bit of a double meaning. This is why I had the urge to release it now, it just feels right!”

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