DRY CLEANING Release new single ‘Scratchcard Lanyard’ Official video by Rottingdean Bazaar Watch KEXP live performance

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DRY CLEANING Release new single 'Scratchcard Lanyard' Official video by Rottingdean Bazaar Watch KEXP live performance
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Today, Dry Cleaning share the song ‘Scratchcard Lanyard’, the group’s first release on 4AD / Remote Control Records.

‘Scratchcard Lanyard’ is a treatise on the joy of life’s little pleasures, where air fresheners become mighty oaks and Instagram filters are glamourous holiday destinations. The South London band explain further – “In the search for your true calling in life, it’s easy to try so many things that you end up confused. It can lead to an enormous build-up of frustration. You may fantasise about exacting revenge upon your real or imagined enemies. Ephemeral things and small-scale escapist experiences can provide some relief!”

The companion video for ‘Scratchcard Lanyard’ is the directorial debut of artist duo Rottingdean Bazaar, whose concept and set design – riffing on the song’s celebration of the humdrum – inserts vocalist Florence Shaw into her own miniature night club. Rottingdean Bazaar are artists James Theseus Buck and Luke Brooks. Their work includes design, creative direction and fine art practices, and the duo live and work in Rottingdean, East Sussex in the UK.

Dry Cleaning is Nick Buxton (drums), Tom Dowse (guitar), Lewis Maynard (bass) and Florence Shaw (vocals). Firm friends for years, they only started making music after a karaoke party in 2017 inspired a collaboration. They wrote instrumentally to begin with and six months later Shaw, a university lecturer and picture researcher by day, joined on vocals with no prior musical experience.

Dry Cleaning’s music is simple – direct and uncomplicated. The Feelies, the Necessaries, the B52s and Pylon all served as inspirations when the band first came together. The small and intimate garage / rehearsal space had a huge influence on the sound; both of last year’s EPs Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks and Sweet Princess were written here. The quartet have finished work on their debut album, with details to follow soon.

Back in March, Dry Cleaning recorded a live session for KEXP in their Seattle studio – the last in-person session recorded before COVID-19 hit. Check out the full performance including ‘Scratchcard Lanyard’ and previous singles ‘Magic Of Meghan’‘Viking Hair’, & ‘Conversation’ here.

Dry Cleaning – Scratchcard Lanyard
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Dry Cleaning – ‘Scratchcard Lanyard’ is out now via 4AD / Remote Control Records

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