by the partae

Where are you currently based?

I am based in East London, where the teas and cafes are great 🙂

For those not already familiar with your sound, how would you describe your music genre?

I have eclectic tastes but I’m best known for House music with a story that comes deep from the heart.

How did you get into music, as I understand you also run a night called Muak?

I got in to music in 89, listening to a friend’s dad playing his soul and disco records. It got me hooked. Also, when I was a teenager, I was listening to the early pirate radio stations that were based in and around London. They were really inspiring and introduced me to a lot of new music.

Yes, Muak is a night we started in 2003. It was a platform for us to share the music we loved and believed in – the music that at the time wasn’t getting heard. It’s still running today and on the label side of things, we’ve just had our 50th release. The events and label both feature music that comes deep from the heart, with colour, feeling and a story.

I understand your next EP is on What Came First which is a set up be the people behind leading UK venue Egg London. What inspired the tracks on the release?

Funny story, the first time I visited Egg was in 2005, I can’t remember off the top of my head the date, but it was Sunday day-time party and I was booked to DJ. I was having such good fun that I kept getting lost trying find the right room I was playing in. I met some lovely people at Egg that Sunday and it was about the first experience that I had there. The track’s are basically about the vibe I experienced and the lovely people who I met in Egg.

On your What Came First release you have collaborated with vocalist Joe Le Groove, who has also worked with people like tINI and Mark Fanciulli. How did you and Joe meet?

Joe and I meet in East London first, and we then kept bumping in to each other all over. We’re good friends and both passionate about our music. It just felt right to work with him.

You are also a successful DJ who plays regular gigs and currently have dates in both Japan and the UK. What’s been your best gig to date?

There have been lots of memorable nights over the years, but my favourites are in my hometown. One in the early 90s, in a run-down, semi derelict warehouse in North London, and one In Kingsland Road. They were both 9 to 10 hour DJ’s sets, watching and working the crowd, everyone locked in the groove, no one leaving the dancefloor and then seeing the sunrise beam through on a sunny morning was so beautiful.

Outside of electronic music what are your other interests, and do they influence your sound?

I love all kinds of music… Rock, Afro, Latin, Electronic Music and Chill Out. When it comes to music, anything with feeling inspires me, I’m always trying to discover new music, and that will never change. Outside of music, I’m just a happy EastEnders, floating around seeing friends and family.

You have also releases on iconic labels such as Diynamic and Suara, plus Pete Tong recently played one of your tracks on the world famous BBC Radio 1. Could you finish by telling us your proudest achievement in music?

Proudest achievements would be in the early 90s in London, playing on pirate radio and developing Deep House on the airwaves, whilst also throwing events in some unusual locations which was so much fun.


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