YO LA TENGO announce new album ‘There’s A Riot Going On’ + share four new songs

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Announce There’s A Riot Going On
Share four new songs

Yo La Tengo’s new album There’s a Riot Going On will be released on Friday 16 March via Matador / Remote Control. This is a warm, ambitious record, a striking self-produced creation from one of the most celebrated and adventurous bands in rock history, whose dynamic range touches on pure noise and serene beauty and everything in between.

To showcase the full depth of this fearless fifteen-track album, Yo La Tengo have released four new songs today (‘You Are Here’, ‘Shades of Blue’, ‘She May, She Might’, and ‘Out of the Pool.’)

For Yo La Tengo this is a slow-motion action painting, and Georgia Hubley, Ira Kaplan and James McNew did it all themselves, in their rehearsal studio, with no outside engineer (John McEntire later did the mix). They did not rehearse or jam together beforehand; they turned on the recorder and let things coalesce. Songs came together over long stretches, sometimes as much as a year going by between parts.  You’d never guess this, since the layers are finessed with such a liquid brush. You’d imagine most of the songs had sprung forth whole, since they will enter your head that way. Within two listens you will be powerless to resist the magnetic draw of ‘Shades of Blue,’ will involuntarily hear ‘She May, She Might‘ on your internal jukebox first thing in the morning and ‘Let’s Do It Wrong’ late at night. While there’s a riot going on you will feel capable of bobbing through like a cork.

In 1971, when the nation appeared to be on the brink of violently coming apart, Sly and the Family Stone released There’s a Riot Goin’ On, an album of dark, brooding energy. Now, under similar circumstances,Yo La Tengo have issued a record with the same name but with a different force, an album that proposes an alternative to anger and despair. Their first proper full-length since 2013’s Fade, There’s a Riot Going On is an expression of freedom and sanity and emotional expansion, a declaration of common humanity as liberating as it is soft-spoken.

Purchase / Stream: ‘She May She Might’ https://yolatengo.lnk.to/shemayshemight
Purchase / Stream: ‘Out Of The Pool’  https://yolatengo.lnk.to/outofthepool 
Purchase / Stream: ‘Shades Of Blue’ https://yolatengo.lnk.to/shadesofblue 
Purchase / Stream: ‘You Are Here’ https://yolatengo.lnk.to/youarehere 

Pre-order There’s A Riot Going Onhttps://yolatengo.lnk.to/theresariotgoingon

1. You Are Here
2. Shades of Blue
3. She May, She Might
4. For You Too
5. Ashes
6. Polynesia #1
7. Dream Dream Away
8. Shortwave
9. Above the Sound
10. Let’s Do It Wrong
11. What Chance Have I Got
12. Esportes Casual
13. Forever
14. Out of the Pool
15. Here You Are


Yo La Tengo – There’s A Riot Going On is out Friday 16 March via Matador Records / Remote Control Records.





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