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What is your name?

My real name is Note Panayanggool but I also go by X0809 when I produced, play or DJ electronic music. 

Where are you based?

I’m based in Bangkok, Thailand.

What is it exactly that you do?

So I produce, DJ and play live shows under the name on X0809 and NOTEP depending on which type of party/event it is. NOTEP is more known in the mass community and it’s more commercial while X0809 is more experimental and mysterious. 

Your off to Australia to shoot the new Adidas commercial, how did you come to work with Adidas? What are the greatest challenges of working with big clients such as Adidas?

I’ve been working with Adidas for a year and a half now. We would do street photo shoots with their new products every two months and I would post them on my social media. This time they asked me attend their Chapter Three Event in Sydney and to shoot an #ORIGINALis campaign with them. The greatest challenge in working with big clients such as Adidas is that I want to push boundaries and do something that people would not be expecting. Because Adidas is so strong in its branding already that when someone puts a piece of Adidas on themselves, they become another Adidas soldier. I wanted to be an Adidas soldier that also shines out my own personality. 

You have a gig in Pattaya, Thailand with Kolour crew on the 26th of August, 2107. How will you prepare for this show? 

Kolour is a house and techno based party so I prepared some groovy beats that I think the crowds will like and since the party is by the beach, i’m bringing my ukulele to jam with some Techno beat also! hahaha!

Next month you have an exhibition with Leica and a Thai fashion brand called Mattermakers, how did this exhibition come about?  How did you start in the industry and what got you to this point?

So around Christmas of last year, Leica gave me their polaroid camera as a present, after that I never stopped shooting polaroids. I like to shoot my polaroids in series, I don’t do just one shot of a topic and done, I do 10 photos of that topic.  With the Mattermakers, we’ve always had a great relationship together, they would always gift me with their designs and I would wear them all the time because they’re actually my style. 

Mattermakers and Leica are having a pop up shop at the Luxury mall, Central Embassy in Bangkok, for 6 months and they invited me on board with this collaboration. We shot a commercial VDO for Leica Soft (Polaroid) together and I will also be hosting the grand opening event of the pop up shop on this 15th Sep. I will be exhibiting my art work (paintings and sculptures) that I did for Leica and Mattermakers for 6 months at the pop up shop. At the event on the 15th, I will also be doing a live performance art by taking polaroids of guests in the party and making it in to one big painting and backdrop of the event. 

I first got in the media industry because I attended a singing competition called The Star and got second place. After that I was signed to Thailand’s biggest music label, GMM Grammy for 5 years and gained my popularity among the mass crowds. After the contract was over, I started producing my own electronic music under the name of X0809 and gained recognition and respect from the electronic music scene in Bangkok and worldwide. 

Around the 15th of September, 2017 you’ll be throwing an after party at Blaqlite club (which you’ll be Djing). How long have you been organising events? 

Leica, Mattermakers and I have been talking about this event since beginning of August. As for the after party at Blaqlyte, the newest and hottest club in BKK right now, I will also be DJing some techno with hiphop essentials along side with my good friend Twopee from Southside that will be MCing. Mendy Indigo, the phenomenon Thai techno princess that has been touring around the world putting Thailand on the map, will be closing the show at the after party. 

How did you get into Djing?

I actually got into DJing because I was hired to! Channel V Asia asked me and my ex band partner, Anya, to VJ for them at Clockenflap last year so before going to the festival we made a little VDO introducing ourselves to the Clockenflap team. After the team saw our VDO, they were very impressed with our weirdness and saw something special in us so they offered us a slot to DJ at their famous Silent Disco. 

Please tell us which countries you plan on touring for your up coming Asia tour later this year?

I plan to tour around Asia and maybe Australia for my end of 2017 tour. The countries that I plan to go to are Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, India and Australia. 

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Apart of techno i’m listening to KLLO, Biig Piig and Toro Y Moi’s new album right now.

Top 3 icons?

My forever top 2 icons are grimes, MIA and my mom.

What influences you?

EVERYTHING!!!!!! I never create any boundaries for myself. I think the whole is a big canvas for me to experiment on. I love experimenting on new things. 

Favorite food and place to hangout?

To be honest, I love all kinds of food. But because I co-own a restaurant here in Bangkok called Bitterman on Saladang soi 1…I’d say Bitterman is the place you’ll want to eat and hang out at. Hehe!







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