by the partae
Hey I’m Zach, I sing some and play the guitar
We started playing as a band roughly 5 and a half years ago. Jazz and myself are actually step brothers so we’ve been playing together since we were like 11 years old. We all knew one another from college and Taylor Rapp had a live video for his project ‘Cusp’, so he asked us to play with him for that and it just kind of kept going from there.
We all live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the US right now but we all grew up pretty spread out over the map.
When we write a new record it all kind of happens in practice these days. Someone brings the bones of a song and we write parts and play it over and over and spitball ideas with each other until we find something that makes sense musically. With lyrics it’s more or less the same, we kind of just sing until it starts to make sense. Sometimes we write little short stories and base the song on those if it fits
We just started writing our next record, we’ve been working on that quite a bit. We added this real sweet dude named Adam who plays in another band from OKC, writing with him has been the best, he’s amazing
I play a few of my grandfathers guitars. The main one is a 1963 Fender Duo Sonic, I play through a Fender Supersonic Combo. I don’t really use a ton of pedals, Keeley Electronics was sweet enough to set me up with their Dark Side tape delay/flanger/phaser/fuzz. I have a TC Electronics Hall of Fame reverb, and a Polytune.
Outside of music we all have a lot going, we work and a few of us are in school. For fun we like to travel, Taylor ROCK CLIMBS, we love to camp. And yeah I think it absolutely affects our music. If things are rough or going great the songs reflect it usually
I would describe us as rock music because Taylor rock climbs
We all learned pretty basic music theory but we write by ear more than anything.
In the future we’re going to be touring a bit, we’re releasing some new music soon, a couple of us are getting married, going to see Smash Mouth on June 24th with Dylan, our lovable drummer, we’ve got a big year ahead for sure
Oh man, I can’t speak for everyone. I started playing when I was 11 or 12 because my grandad played guitar amongst other things. My dad bought my first guitar for me for my birthday and I learned smoke on the water and never looked back. Please let me know if you need a video of smoke on the water
Right now I listen to a lot of different stuff. I love The Beach Boys “Party!”, I was pretty hung up on “The Life of Pablo” for a while and still kind of am, Kendrick Lamar’s new record is awesome. We love FIDLAR and Pile, Waylon Jennings is a personal favorite. Also podcasts, specifically My Favorite Murder, for all you crime fans
Oh that’s a tough one too,
Chris Kirkpatrick
JC Chasez
Lance Bass
Joey Fatone
Justin Timberlake
Our next show is a hometown show in OKC on June 2, 2017 for H&8th with some really awesome bands

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