Watch The Steoples step into their “Roles” on new video off ‘Six Rocks’ LP

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Watch “Roles” Video Now

Six Rocks out Friday August 11 on Stones Throw via Inertia Music

The Steoples are back with a new animated video for “Roles“, off their debut full length, Six Rocks, available on Stones Throw via Inertia Music on Friday August 11.

The video, directed by Jams + Bash, features a couple at their breaking point. Juxtaposing the real and cartoon worlds, the video delineates the lines, or “roles“, being performed by the male and female protagonists who are coming from two different worlds. It’s a melancholic tale fortified with burning drums and bawling guitar.

The unique musicality and relatable lyrics in Roles led us to the story of Frank and Colette…
two individuals who couldn’t quite make it work out. We wanted to do the song justice by bringing
a perspective that was just ever so slightly not what you’d expect. The breakdown of a relationship
is a universal experience, something we’ve all been though… Without knowing the what’s or the
why’s the audience projects their own history onto the final moments of Frank and Colette’s
relationship, for us that was kinda fun, it gave the story that much more of a twist.

Jams + Bash

The Steoples is Stones Throw’s latest project to rise from Los Angeles, a collaborative effort from long time friends and creative spirits Gifted & Blessed and vocalist Yeofi Andoh.

On Six Rocks, Yeofi and GB synchronise to create deep rooted soul through introspective, thought provoking poetry. The music is emotional, wise and truthful, sounding fortified by the passage of experience and time.

No less, words fall short when trying to label a sound as undefinable and genrefree as The Steoples. It may be best to simply call it boundless. This is precisely how The Steoples prefer their music to be classified, or even better, not classified at all. This longstanding creative collaboration between has developed over the past decade and a half of making music together since their first records as solo artists.

The Steoples
Six Rocks

  1. From The Otherside
  2. Smoak
  3. Courting Sunshine
  4. Fated
  5. Best
  6. Roles
  7. We Like The Dark
  8. Real Enough To Be
  9. Leaning Toward Not Sure
  10. Six Rocks
  11. Beach Baby Pt. II

Six Rocks by The Steoples is out Friday August 11 on Stones Throw via Inertia Music
Pre-order now:

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