by the partae

What inspired the track ‘Cuckoo Night’ released on Dense & Pika’s Kneaded Pains label, on Monday 28th August? 

I have been trying to figure out my drum machine Analog Rytm and learn it more in depth, so one evening I was watching a tutorial about it made by this super funny guy, Cuckoo… It was a fun jam and one-off session, I made the track so I could play it on the weekend and sent to few friends for feedback. Luckily, one of my friends passed them to Dense & Pika guys as he knew how much I like their sound and the rest is history.

Where did you produce it?

In my home studio in Berlin.

Tell us about some of the equipment you used?

Like I said, it’s mostly Analog Rytm by Elektron, and the synths are Little Phatty by Moog and Prophet 6 by Dave Smith Instruments.

How would you describe your music genre?

I came up with different names for my genre in the past but the most recent one, which sounds simple and on point, is – techno with a groove.

What inspires your music generally?

I like interesting sounds so I search for them in all genres of music… I like to listen to indie electronica, ambient and experimental music too. But my heart always beats faster when I hear the bass drum sound. Inspiration comes from different places, travelling helps a lot, going to gigs, playing gigs, seeing art, talking with friends… it’s everywhere. Last week I came up with a great idea while cooking. My mind just doesn’t stop.

How does the German techno scene differ to elsewhere would you say?

Hmm, I think there’s German techno scene and then there’s Berlin scene. Techno at Berghain for example is much harder and much more underground than in most of Germany.

What do you like to do outside of music?

I like sharing meals and wine with nice, like-minded people.

Where are you playing next?

Next week I am going on a little but intense Asia tour… playing Singapore, Bali, Yogyakarta, Seoul and Tianjin.



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