Victoria Staff ‘Records & Honesty’ Premiere

by the partae
Surrounded by music since birth, Victoria Staff took a weird route in becoming a singer songwriter. After getting her degree in Behavioural Neuroscience from UBC, she decided her passion of helping people with anxiety, depression and sexual trauma (like herself), was maybe not her true calling. Playing shows in Vancouver for “beer money” soon became an obsessive side project – or maybe her true calling?

With years of songwriting experience, “Records & Honesty” is a true labour of love and a catharsis for her demons. Victoria hopes people will find therapy in her music just as much as she did creating it. This multi talented instrumentalist (guitar, piano, banjo, and ukulele) found inspiration from the likes of Taylor Swift, Hozier, Gregory Alan Isakov. “The song is basically about ‘shooting your shot’. I was in a ‘will they/won’t they’ with a friend, until he decided to move for a year to a different country. This song was everything I wanted to say if I ever had the guts to tell him,” explains Staff. “It’s funny when you get to keep a song and leave the boy behind. This song used to make me cry because I was so infatuated with this person, and this reminded me of him, but now it makes me so happy because I’m so proud of it. To be honest, I’m not even sure where he ended up – but I got a great song out of it.”

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