Uni Premiere Video For “What’s The Problem”

by the partae



“What’s the problem? Is it politics? Is it church? Is it McDonald’s? Is it sex? Is it public school? Is it your mother? Is it global warming? Is it a secret shame, a private humiliation you try to forget but it follows you everywhere like a shadow self?

The squeakiest wheel gets the oil then the most powerful voice gets it’s tongue cut out. They keep you in cul-de-sac coffins with bibles, pills and liquor cabinets and call them ‘good homes’.

Poltergeists are said to be most common in homes with teenage girls… televisions exploding from the overcharged hormones… This video is a S+M suburban daydream, with domestic servitude and fetishizing of 50’s household products. Yes, we treat objects like women.

Just keep smiling whatever you do. Your mascara might run…but you can’t.” – Uni

Watch the video for “What’s The Problem”

Having only played a handful of shows, new New York City band Uni are excited to release the video for their debut single “What’s The Problem.” The track, taken from their debut EP, is being released on Chimera Records.

Uni are: Charlotte Kemp Muhl (guitar, vox), David Strange (guitar) and Nico Fuzz (vocals).

Brooklyn Vegan premiered the video, directed by Charlotte Kemp Muhl, today and noted that the track is “glitter-strewn outer space glam, with afterburners set to Saturn.”

Uni will play a free show Baby’s All Right Monday, August 7th at 7:00PM, with more shows to be announced soon.

Featured Photo Credit :  Nathan West

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