by the partae

What is your name?


Where are you currently based?

German born but basing my self all over for the last few years! Pretty much living the tour life, and making the most of that nomad/party lifestyle.

Currently you’re now the DJ Mag #46 DJ in the Top100 (up 32 places + now 2nd highest German DJ), what do you think it is that has attributed your growing Popularity?

It’s amazing that I have jumped so high so quickly, and I am super grateful! I think that A lot of artists focus on making music in the studio. Which I love, but I also love getting out there, meeting the fans and spreading my music and my sound. Maybe the love of that has helped!

You’ve come a very long way, where and how did your DJ / Producing career start for you?

At a dj contest near my hometown. I personally would have never participated, but my girlfriend thought it was a fun idea and just signed me up. Definitely a game changer for me since after that I would spend all my time on djing. That was also about the time I started producing.

Your latest ‘One On One’ has gained a lot of attention, what influenced the song writing / creative process for this track?

I think that I wanted a track that would describe my life/my summer, but also most of my friends and most young people. The track is great for getting you in the mood, and that’s What I wanted.

When and where did you produce?

The idea was created on tour but production for me always takes place in my studio in Germany. I need that feeling of being at home if I really want to finish something. As almost everyone else I have a great studio and I definitely make the most of it in my spare time between the shows.

What equipment / programs do you use?

I used to work with FL Studio, bounce everything I create in there and then move into ACID. But I recently switched to Ableton, since I really like its workflow and the plugins. Just an amazing software.

How did the concept for the One On One video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y19FzsqM1as come about?

I wanted some virtual reality vibes. I wanted to tackle the fact that we are tracked in every way now, with social media, on our phones etc… and turn it into something sexy and amusing. The twist is that the viewer soon becomes the protagonist, when they remove their goggles.

Can you tell us anything about your 2 new upcoming singles?

That I’m so excited for them 😉 Sorry, nothing else I can say at this stage.

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