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by the partae

There are no rules: Third Culture Kids

Third Culture Kids is used in this context as a term for children “brought up in a society that from the beginning was not theirs”: Do you see creating that collective identity, of the Third Culture Kids, as away of creating a certain power and security for that group? A way of, as you put it, “explaining who you are”?

“Yes and a space for you to recognize ur own identity and build a culture that you feel empowered by. I think what we can do now as the foundation is being set is to provide content that is thought provoking and make the people that identify themselves with TCK to think of their needs and wants in a new way. Something that garners an emotional reaction. Something that is easy and fun. I think we can do that thru providing good storys that makes the TCKs think of themselves as heroes.”
– Babak Azarmi

The 20th of September the Third Culture Kids book is released in bookstores.




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