Tiny Little Houses Debut Album ‘Idiot Proverbs’ Out 12 January 2018 + Release New Single ‘Entitled Generation’

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Having spent the last three years winning hearts and minds around Australia thanks to a succession of finely-crafted indie pop gems including ‘Milo Tin’‘Song Despite Apathy’‘Easy’‘Soon We Won’t Exist’ and most recently, ‘Garbage Bin’, Melbourne’s Tiny Little Houses are set to release their debut album, Idiot Proverbs, through Ivy League Records via digital, CD & LP formats, plus special pre-order merch bundles on 12 January 2018. To celebrate the announcement, the band has revealed the anthemic new single, ‘Entitled Generation’.

Listen to ‘Entitled Generation’ here.

While previous single and radio-hit ‘Garbage Bin’ was coined the ultimate slacker anthem for Gen Y & Z, ‘Entitled Generation’ finds founder and singer/guitarist Caleb Karvountzis questioning some of the shortcomings of his peer group – all set to a ferocious and thumping backdrop.

Karvountzis laments:
“I think we have less resilience than our ancestors. We were raised this way. Who’s to blame? I don’t know, probably everyone. The song doesn’t answer any problems but maybe there aren’t any answers in this system.

The follow-up to the four-piece’s first two EPs – You Tore Out My Heart (2015) and Snow Globe (2016) – Idiot Proverbs finds Tiny Little Houses growing up and getting more confident with where they can push their sound.

“This record is far rockier then our previous musical endeavours,” Karvountzis says. “It’s a bit of a jump for us but we’re more comfortable in our skins than in prior recordings. There are some dumb, lighter songs on this record and some of our most emotional and heavy attempts.”

As well as being the band’s most raucous collection of tunes so far, the album highlights the discernible progress of Karvountzis as a songwriter. Indeed, Idiot Proverbs presents wry reflections on growing up, finding your place amongst the chaos and falling short of your own (and others’) expectations.

The album finds Tiny Little Houses continuing their relationship with producer Schram (also known for his work with Paul Kelly, San Cisco and Loon Lake among many others) who was also behind the controls for most of the band’s previous efforts.

More exciting Tiny Little Houses news to be revealed soon – stay tuned!

Idiot Proverbs tracklist:

  1. Garbage Bin
  2. Entitled Generation
  3. Short Hair
  4. Team Player
  5. Everyone Is
  6. Nowhere, SA
  7. Idiot Proverbs
  8. Caroline
  9. The Void
  10. Drag Me

Idiot Proverbs Album Tiny Little Houses
Out Friday 12 January 2018 through
Ivy League Records
Available for pre-order here

‘Entitled Generation’ – Tiny Little Houses
Out now through Ivy League Records
Available for streaming and purchase here

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