Time Traveler

by the partae

What is your name and role within Time Traveler?

Since I started Time  Traveler project I swore to myself to stay out from all the nowadays industry’s lies.

I’d like to consider myself a rebel gentleman with a pronounced aesthetic taste,  observant to the quality instead of quantity.

For me be Time Traveler means be out of the time and the system ergo be whatever I want to be in the music scene.

Where are you currently based?

I recently moved in London, where the today techno scene is not so saturated, and these days are great party leaded by entity as the like of Fabric, Corsica Studios, Structure and of course my friends from PLS.UK.

“but if you know what kind of music I use to play you easy know how strongly close to the 90s 00s Uk techno and hard-techno”

Your upcoming EP features remixes by Dave Clarke, Detroit Techno Militia & Brian Sanhaji, can you tell us a little how each of these artists came onboard the project and how you decided who would remix each track?

Dave Clarke is since my early 2000 clubber experiences one of the most strong influence I had, Dave’s rebel attitudes, and never compromised career is something that in my small opinion people have just to admire,

so this time when I started to plan the release of my Lp “I’m Made Of  / Journal” i decided to propose to Dave to be part of the project as one of the remixers, but honestly it was also for me a surprise he accepted and leaved to me to decide which one of the tracks was more important for me to be remixed by himself.

I have to say that I really love DTM and the way they play, this past winter I met Tom and Bill aka T.Linder and Dj Seoul from Detroit Techno Militia when in Rome, and we spent some time having fun together when they were playing so in an after-show talks they were involved in to the remixers, they picked from the album the most suitable track for them.

Brian Sanhaji is not only one of the producer I most like since I started to produce but actually he is also a friend, we are part of the same Italian Agency River9 and for me have him as remixer for two times it was an huge honor, especially after see how much care he spent to make the perfect remix of my music.

What has influenced the sound of the EP and where and when did you record?

All things I listened, watched, read, did  and saw in this past 10 years of my life, I think is not all about music itself, but talking about sounds I love since ever heavy metal and industrial music, when I produce Time Traveler music my aim is to describe by sounds images, mental landscapes, and moods, You have to be dipped in to my mind and my visions. I sketched music every where from my studio, to my bedroom with my laptop and headphones, is just about how, where and when I’m inspired.

Intro and Outro Heavy Metal mix were produced and mixed in Sardinia in my home town Cagliari, Chapter IX in Rome but mixed in Cagliari. “I’m a tramp producer”

What programs/instruments do you use?

I have some analog gears like drum machines and synths, but I’m not restricted to use only the analog stuffs I have in studio, as said is about when I’m inspired and sometimes I’m on the run or somewhere far from the studio, so I also use Vst like the Arturia’s and my huge one shots collection from Akai.

I’m using Ableton 9 at the moment, but in the past I was a Logic pro user.

How did you first start playing music?

This is a good question, there is a nice family story behind how and when I started.

It is all started in Paris in the far 1991. Me and my parents were there for holidays, in ’91 I was just 6

and I remember during one of those days we were in the city walking around the streets we found a huge toys shop where I was stunned by a radio-controlled big rally car but some hours later as every child when in front of a musical instruments store I was mesmerized by a red electric guitar  was in the glass case.

The day before we had to leave the city I remember my dad asked me which one of the two things I most loved to receive as present, since my birthday was close, I chosen the guitar and I started studying music the same month when back in my town, we can probably assume that if I had chosen the toy car probably now I was not answering to this interview..?

You’re originally from Italy, what is the scene like in Italy as compared to other countries?

I’m not such a big patriot, and I love to be honest, always also when this let me unlikable.

Italy is a great place, Italian are the most hot crowd a Dj can find in an European gig, but we are actually enslaved by trends and over rated icons, moreover our country is full of restrictions, and lots of clubs, and parties are closing, and we are slowly forgetting we were a “culture” country.

Do you have any up coming projects that you could share some details about?

I’m already working on a new long play, influenced by post industrial and heavy metal, as all my records behind this there is a concept will lead the whole production, including visual art and in general the aesthetics. I can give you a small first line, the name of the Lp will be “ Concrete soul in Iron body “

What has been your favourite show of the year and why?

Cocoricò in Riccione Italy beside my great friend Bryan Black aka Black Asteroid, the club is an icon venue since the early 90s every big Dj played there, so was a small mile stone in my career, I was so excited and nervous while playing my set there, like a real beginner and this proof myself I have still lot to learn and also to give to the scene, but be there with Bryan was amazing because the energy we always spread when together in the booth.

What are the challenges you face on a day to day basis with running a label?

As in the past I ran a label also focused to release Artists music, this time with  // Chronicles Diary // I decided to be focused on myself, the label works as a proper note diary, where i release inside everything I want to, from art collaborations to fashion, to music that probably don’t really fit the masses, but is more focused to tell something to the masses.

How did you get into the business side of operating record labels?

Make a virtue of need, when me and my best friend Michele Ibba started The Triangle records the aim was to escape from the small reality where we born, using music as vehicle, and giving myself a chance to rise up.

When and where are you playing next?

This is what a Dj won’t to say but sadly 20 days ago in London I was victim of a bad car accident, effected me several spine’s fractures so for the next 3 months I will have to recovery, and my agency had to cancel for me some upcoming gigs, but I will use this time to hard work in studio.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m tidying up my big 1990 / 2000’s techno – schranz and hard techno vinyl collection lots of Artists and Labels names influenced me and made my crazy partying during my boyhood.

So I am listening music from names as the like of Cj Bolland, Dj Boss, Gaetano Parisio, Chris Liberator, Robert Natus, Dave the Drummer, Underground Resistance of course Dave Clarke, but also lot of Ebm and Synth Pop and Metal.

How did you first get into music?

My dad use to drive me since primary school listening loud music in the car, from Pink Floyd to some Italian Artist we really love, as Franco Battiato, so I started fast to develop my taste and what to play in the stereo cassette during our car runs, it was like a game to discover music and sing it together.

What is your favourite food and place to hangout?

I am a pescatarian,  so I’d like to say my favorite food is fish, I’m sushi addicted, and considering my self the best place where to hangout is a cocktail bar with a large choice of Gin.


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