by the partae

Synthesising Soul, Pop and R&B flavours, Melbourne-based, Barbados born and Guyana raised queer singer/songwriter Thorne creates dynamic and exciting content, expect to be up on your feet dancing with dirty bass lines, catchy hooks and thoughtful lyrics. 

After launching his debut EP D.N.A. in November 2019, Thorne is back with a sexy new sound and a brand spanking new soulful single. So we need to ask you some important questions – are you ready for dirty hooks, getting hot n’ sweaty, and are you ready to dance? Are you prepared to compromise your chastity for a cheeky good time? If your answer is yes to all of the above, or even if it’s no, YOU are ready for Thorne’s latest track. 

Some people have described this elusive song as “a song that many children will be conceived to” and “deliciously disgusting”, but we only know two things, it’s not child friendly, and it is a damn good time. 

So Thorne’s only question left for you is ‘Do You Wanna?’ 

Thorne will be releasing his new single ‘Do You Wanna’ on the 8th of May 2020 on all streaming platforms, this new track is not one to miss.






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