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Answers from The VANNS by Andrew Banovich

A song like ‘Feels Good Now’ has come at the most perfect of times for a lot of us – thinking about yourselves personally, how much have the small things, like writing music or getting into the beach (examples), kept you sane in recent times?

Being fortunate enough to live close to the beach during this time has definitely helped with keeping my sanity. Whether it is for a surf or just sitting on the sand there was always a sense of normality by the beach.

Talking about writing or just playing in general was an interesting activity. Even the littlest things excited me – as a band we really write in the same room and the 4 of us being together is where that “VANNS thing” happens and we haven’t been in the same room all together since this lockdown started. Just even hearing 4 bars of a new idea that someone sent as a voice memo gave me something to look forward to and motivation to keep busy whilst being stuck in my little apartment.

Lastly, I’ve got a car that only likes to work sometimes and I want it to be ready to go the day lockdown ends. I keep saying when it ends I’m doing a trip. I have no idea where yet. But a trip nonetheless, so I’ve been working on that. Most of my online shopping has been on Supercheap Auto. Hopefully I did the job right but I guess we’ll see?

In terms of this track being an insight into where The VANNS are heading next – is there are particular element of this song that you think perfectly captures the energy of the band as performers and writers now?

Well the core of it was recorded live. I think that’s the most important thing in terms of the direction of the writing. Put the four of us in a room and press the red button.
Additionally- guitarmonies. Unison riffs. Expect more because we ain’t stopping.

You were one of the small portion of Australian bands who were able to restart touring this year, at least before everything shut down again. What were those first shows like?

It felt right. It was normal for us and it was so amazing to be back and filled us all with so much gratitude. Especially after so much uncertainty, there were times we thought – Will we ever get to go back? Will we survive? And being back on the road was so reaffirming – Yep, this is what we are meant to do and nothing will stop us.

Can you tell us a bit about the music or artists who are inspiring you now?

What’s inspiring us the most I think is the resilience of the Aus music scene. Artists are still out there, grinding and releasing some incredible work despite the lack of support and uncertainty of whether anything will get back to normal soon. I think there is something beautiful in that amongst all the crappiness and we want to be a part of that. Still to come is some of our biggest shows in cities we haven’t been able to go to in almost 2 years. We are just so excited to play.

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