The Maine

by the partae

What is your name and role within The Maine?

Pat Kirch and I play drums in The Maine!

Where are you currently based?

We are currently spending a few days off in Amsterdam.

You’ve recently released a new music video for your single Taxi where did you shoot the video and who is the director?

We shot the video in Los Angles with our friend Tucker. We also shot a video for “How Do You Feel?” that same weekend.

How did the concept for the video come about?

It was a concept that Tucker had and when he sent it over we were all very surprised because it was not what we were imagining for the song. It would have been really easy to make a video that was very literal but he went outside the box.

Your currently on a huge 30 date European tour, how has the tour been so far?

It’s been great! We are about halfway done right now and have been having so much fun. We are playing to bigger crowds with more energy than we ever have over here. Not to mention being in so many cool cities.

What do you enjoy most and least about touring?

The shows are always the best part and what makes it all worth it. You are waiting around all day for the 90 minutes on stage.  I would say the worst part is being away from family and friends so often.

Are there any shows that you’re looking forward to most?

I can’t wait to be back in Spain. Every time we have played there the energy has begin insane and it’s around 4 years since we’ve been back!!!

Following the current European tour, you all have the ‘Modern Nostalgia Tour’ coming this fall – where you’ll be playing two of albums in their full entirety.  What triggered the idea to play 2 full albums per show?  

Once we put out Lovely Little Lonely and started this world tour we got so excited by how much the crowds wanted to hear the new songs. Both the new album and American Candy feel like complete albums so we wanted to be able to play them in full like we had written them.

How do you prepare for tours?

Lots of planning goes into how the tour is going to look and sound. Most of the time is spent on that. Designing how the stage is going to look and putting together a set list. Trying to create a new experience for every show!

What influences the sound of The Maine?

We love the music we grew up on in the 90’s like Third Eye Blind and New Radicals but take influence from so much music. We are also trying to find new inspiration.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

The new album from The National is really great!

Favorite food and place to hang out?

When we are over here I eat Wagamama probably 4 times a week! Wish we had one in Arizona.

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