The Black Seeds

by the partae

What is your name and role within The Black Seeds?

Daniel E Weetman – percussion & vocals.

Where are you currently based?


Do you find the music scene is different between AU & NZ – radio, print, TV etc?

Im not sure I would have a good opinion on this question. I don’t watch any NZ or Australian TV or listen to much radio.

I think Australia has more money to support their art and culture.

New Zealand with a new culturaly aware government I’m optimistic we will see more support in art and culture in Aotearoa.

What influences your sound and song writing process?

I go with what I feel. I’m collaborating and directing a sound through my lyrics first. i like me tracks that are sparse, minimal. I’m influenced by what I feel and hear is real.

Fabric saw you once again working with Lee Prebble. How has Lee impacted the sound of The Black Seeds over the years?

It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with Lee for such a long time. Lee understands us as individuals and as a band and not only is he a great producer he understands that the band may not stick to just a reggae or funk sound etc when recording an album, his mind is just as open to different directions and what is best for the song at the end of the day.

It is special to work with a really great friend/producer.

What equipment do you use?

I have a bunch of LP percussion and a Roland SPD.

The band has been together nearly two decades – what have been some of the bigger changes within the group over that time? How has the band evolved?

Analog or digital?

Both but always analog is the favourite.

What did you do differently in the making of ‘Fabric’? Were there any new influences or techniques the band dabbled in?

I think we keep an open mind the whole way and ended up with an  album we are all proud of and really enjoy playing live.

Which is one thing we did have a brief conversation about when planning to record, let’s make tracks that you would hear in a club, that you could party too.

What do you like to do outside of music?

I hangout with my family, I like doing art and sport. My day job is abseiling and installing anchors to buildings.

Favourite show of the year and why?

Ozark – great acting and writing – Jason Bateman is great.

Summer seems to finally be upon us here in Australia, which seems to be the perfect catalyst for the reggae-soul sounds of ‘Fabric’. What are you looking forward to most about returning to Australia?

The enthusiastic fans in Australia which work well with hot summer days/nights

The Australian crowds are in for some great performances for TBS.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Nine inch nails, Interpol’s self titled album (awesome), Kaytranada, Frank Ocean, Father John Misty and early U2

What can we expect for the future?

Things are feeling fresh, exciting and new so the future is bright. Looking forward to playing more and more. 7th album is on my mind from time to time but let’s enjoy this ride for a bit.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Burger Burger – Ponsonby Auckland. Cheese burger medium rare pattie = BoOM!


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