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Please tell us about your new mixtape series / tour concept ‘Only 100s’ and how this idea came about?

We’re now in our seventh year of our triple j show, Friday Night Shuffle (holy crap!), and we were chatting about the sheer number of tracks we go through each week on the show, and how we always end up at the end of a month with a rough list of that month’s highlights. We figured that deserved to be its own mix series – our playlist of what we think are the best tracks of a given month.

You have two of the best House acts from the UK, TCTS and Icarus supporting the ‘Only 100’s’ Tour – can you explain how that partnership came about?

We’ve been supporting their tracks quite heavily on Friday Night Shuffle and Only 100s, so it was a natural fit to look to those guys when we decided to take Only 100s into real world. Thankfully they were keen to be a part of it, and we’re incredibly proud to have a lineup this strong for our very first Only 100s tour.

The tour is kicking off in Melbourne at the end on June, heading through Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide, is there a particular city you’re most excited to play in?

All of them!! It’s impossible to pick favourites when it comes to Aussie cities to play in.

As veterans of the Australian club circuit I’m sure you’ve seen some crazy things in each of the above cities, which one do you think parties the hardest? 

Again it’s hard to pick favourites! Each city has its own feel and the crowds show their love and enthusiasm in different ways, it’s awesome to be able to bring TCTS and Icarus to the country and show them some of that vibe!

After this debut ‘Only 100s’ Australia Tour, will you be taking the concept internationally?

We’re absolutely aspiring to do that. Exactly how and when it happens remains to be seen, but the ideas are percolating!

What are you listening to at the moment? Are there any classic tracks you like to listen to ahead of going on tour? 

I’ve never really been one to have a playlist to psych myself up before a show, I’m always a bit nervous before shows even after all these years so I tend to just try and keep it together really! In terms of what we’re listening to at the moment, there’s a really strong bunch of house artists at the moment – Solardo, Camelphat, Mele and a whole bunch of others are doing some great things. And hopefully they’re names you might see soon on an Only 100s tour!

Name 3 of your all-time-favourite Aussie tracks

Presets – Steamworks

Cut Copy – So Haunted (Knightlife Remix)

Light Year – Moderation

Featured Photo Credit : Cybele Malinowski

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