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How did you start painting and what sparked your interest?

Well unfortunately I fell into art after a car accident took my skate career away. Friend at the time feel asleep at the wheel and well don’t need to get into the craziness of it but hospitalized a year and bed ridden at my parents’ house for another. So during the time of nothing I was always at the tattoo shop and because I would drink there booze and get tattooed for free. They kinda put me to work re working line work and such and I would hide Lil gems in them. Soon after I fell in love w the satisfaction of finishing a piece. Now the rest is history. Always craving my need to learn new products.


How did you get into Skateboarding and what inspired you to start?

Well the freedom alone of skating was enough for me. Also the friendships I would make during were amazing plus the trips of chaos and the adrenaline well it was supreme in my life. I had a rad family who pushed me into whatever I wanted to do.

What are you working on right now?

Well right now I just got commissioned to do a blown out oyster vagina for a client in Colorado. Lol. The things I get to create when it’s not from my creative side.


What is your gear setup for skate and painting?

Well my house is literally turned into a studio. No t.v. No fancy couches. Just a work space w records and no distractions from a dull world filled with politics and religion. Just good ol productivity all in its full glory.

What do you like to do outside of painting and skateboarding and does it affect both?

Not really. I mean literally both of those are still heavily translated through what I do enjoy. But if I’m not creating or skating. I find most of the time to ride bikes through the beautiful city of New Orleans. Mess around w my dog Lula may boots. Chill w my girlfriend Devin and go to shows or just get drunk and enjoy the outside.


How would you describe your art style?

I would best describe my art as. Dark art light heart


We love your personal style, what inspires you to wear what you wear?

I love simple. Never loud. Black. White. And the shade of blue haha. Sad boy for life.

How would you describe your skate style?

Back when I was actually playing in the circuit I was very heavy went for anything and everything. No cares. Just wanted the fast rush of learning a new trick. Now I’m more lazy and steezy.


Do you know any art theory?

Honestly I know a lil bit of a lot. I never really payed attention to others in the art world except for my friends. I try to stick in my bounds so I’m not easily strayed away by what I am seeing. I mean I know surrealism very well hence Dali is one of my go to if I need inspiration or the renaissance era. I’m very simple until I start a piece then it gets intense haha.

What are your plans for the future?

Just to keep doing what I am doing and to stay true to myself and love all aspects of it. Most importantly keeping a roof over my head and my dog fed hahaha. Living day by day is my jam.


What are you listening to at the moment?

Right now I have been listening to First Hate. Gents. George Clanton

Who are your top 5 influencers and icons?

Salvador Dali. Lilith. Mum and Dad. Clive barker


When are you exhibiting next?

May 25th at Eiffel society

Where are you based? How is the art / skate scene in there?

I’m based out of New Orleans past 9 yrs. the art scene is very huge here. The skate scene here is amazing. The state of Louisiana and all that push wood is like a little family. Everyone knows everyone and are very accepting. Especially if you love skating alone.

Please let us know your thoughts on your local skate scene, where it started for you and where it is going.

Local scene is awesome. But I can say I am mostly in my studio now a days. Been hammering out some funnn.


Street or Vert? Where’s your favorite skate spot?

I love the street but I can say moving to Nola has made me appreciate vert. Spots here you definitely have to work for. I miss the hills and smooth concrete back in ca. But skating here in Nola is on another level.


Do you have a favorite party venue?

I frequent a lot of venues here but my fav would be Gasa Gasa. It’s a more intimate vibe. I’m not much of a festival guy. I like to be able to meet and greet w the artists I’m seeing and sharing a glorious time w them. Hence why I only buy records at shows and make them sign outrageous things to me out of hate lol. Cause then I remember exactly when and where I got them at. Also have to say Jesse Lanza still to this day will not say a mean thing to me hahaha.

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We would love to know anything else that you feel like telling us.

I just love to stay in my creative world whether it be painting. Making trinkets. Bone works. Skating w the homies. Just playing outdoors. Hah or getting drunk and ranting about nonsense.





Johnny Way April 19, 2017 - 10:52 pm

I love this man. He has been one of my best and truest friends for many years. No matter where he or I have moved we have stayed connected. I own half a dozen of his works and will buy more soon. He is the real deal! Nothing fake about him. He says what he means and lives what he is. He is a true artist. Skate or die!!! Love you bro!!!

Gary April 20, 2017 - 4:48 pm

Stay away from my ginger hunk Johnny……..Love you Terry! This man has always been a great friend and inspiration to put your heart into everything and give everything your all.


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