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Having spent years developing his craft as a live performer and songwriter, touring with the likes of Ali BarterHusky and Gretta Ray, Melbourne-based musician and producer, Gamilaroi man Tyler Millott found a whole new rhythm with the debut of his solo project, The Terrifying Lows, in 2018.

His music, dark and addictive, The Terrifying Lows engaged with a brand of rock music that beckons the listener to lose themselves in waves of seductive guitars, hypnotic vocals and insatiable rhythms. And now, after a string of recent releases, The Terrifying Lows arrives at a touchstone point in his career: the release of his debut album.

The self-titled studio record captures The Terrifying Lows at a new creative peak. Across nine tracks, the listener gets a new insight into his intimate and nuanced scope of songwriting. Moreover, The Terrifying Lows is an album that is a striking, immersive listen. What more can we want from new music in 2021?

Written and recorded across 2019 and 2020, the album was a way for The Terrifying Lows to explore themes of anxiety, self-destruction and distortion in a way that remained unique and individual to his own experiences. Previous singles ‘Waiting For The Sun’ and ‘Belladonna’ are exemplary of the way The Terrifying Lows can work with darker themes without getting lost in them, while songs like ‘Everywhere You Go (There You Are)’ and ‘Running Slow’ bring the listener into new sonic territories.

The onset of the pandemic in 2020 forced The Terrifying Lows to switch things up. Though production was stopped, the music was able to breathe some more and during lockdowns, The Terrifying Lows was able to focus on finessing his own skills as a writer and producer, applying these lessons to what would eventually become the album we hear today.

“Due to the pandemic, it took a lot longer and the sessions were more scattered than I had originally planned but otherwise, I’m so stoked on the whole process and very proud of the final result. It also feels good to show off my skills not only as a bass player but as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, having played all the instruments on the album with the exception of the backing vocals (Phoebe Neilson (Killing Heidke/Kate Ceberano) and Naomi Oakley (Mirii) and the drums.”
The Terrifying Lows


“A grungy pop sensation…”
 Red Bull Music“…a worthy offering to the gods of grunge.”
Music Feeds“The Terrifying Lows crafts a sound that’s simultaneously effortless and energetic.” 
Happy Mag

“The Terrifying Lows is putting a unique and austere twist to the pop-induced singer-songwriter movement.” 
AAA Backstage

“If you’re in the mood for a brooding rock song that’s gonna coil around you like a slithering reptile… this is the one for the job.” 
Dave Ruby Howe – Triple J Unearthed

THE TERRIFYING LOWS project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

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