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Watch new video for “Nadir” now

Stunning in both scope and execution.

Mysterious duo Tender specialise in marrying polarising elements
that could well soundtrack parties as well as the loss of love.


Powerfully evocative.

Devastating sentiment cleverly wrapped in a sultry soundscape.

Filtered through the mystical wee hours of the morning where
surreality reigns supreme.

The Line of Best Fit

Today London duo TENDER announce that their hotly-anticipated debut album Modern Addiction is out Friday September 1 through Partisan Records via Inertia Music. To celebrate, they are sharing the stunning video to lead single “Nadir”.

James Cullen and Dan Cobb formed TENDER in 2015, as the bedroom project of two flatmates tired of the design-by-committee nature of larger musical groups. They self-released a few songs and “Armour” wound up on the front page of Reddit a few hours later (with several hundred thousand plays on Soundcloud). Two years and three EPs later, TENDER now have tens of millions of streams across Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube and have enjoyed Hype Machine‘s #1 spot several times with several different tracks.

Modern Addiction is about duality, the unreliable polarity of human magnetics. The opening track, “Illuminate”, describes a struggle for independence in the face of scale-tipping dominance. “Vow” finds beauty in the unique balance of a moment. “Nadir”, the album’s most precise emotional indictment, lurches from underneath, “I hate it when you touch me, but I’ve kept it under wraps / Get bored of trying foreplay and I think we’re getting fat.” These are ultimately pop songs, meant to illuminate the ubiquitous but hidden. “We want it to make people connect with each other. We want to evoke emotion. We want people to dance,” says Cobb.

After the collapse of a long-term romantic relationship, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Cullen found solace in TENDER and created his most personal work. “Nadir” focuses on the damage done to one’s psyche when staying in a relationship way past its healthy conclusion.

Directed by Jack A. Bowden, the video for “Nadir” shows the highs and lows of romantic entanglement through dance. Neale spoke more on the inspiration behind the video saying; “TENDER wanted to take the direction of a fragmented and collapsing relationship with this one. I decided to touch on the different dynamics which a relationship can hold… The energy of ‘Nadir’ screams dance to me, so I thought it would be interesting to express these dynamics through contemporary dance.

Modern Addiction

1. Illuminate
2. Nadir
3. Hypnotize
4. Crawl
5. Erode
6. Silence
7. Machine
8. Sickness
9. Vow
10. Blame
11. Powder
12. Trouble

Modern Addiction by TENDER is out Friday September 1
on Partisan Records via Inertia Music
Pre-order it here:
For media enquiries contact sophie@inertiamusic.com

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Featured Photo Credit: Tom Oldham

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