Tel Aviv art-punks Document take on digital addiction and the restless youth on moody new cut ‘Hustle’

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Document ~ ‘Hustle’

“Musing about society’s addiction to technology has been a pretty popular topic for a few years now, but few have tackled the issue as compellingly as Document.” The 405

“a brief insight into this morbid world but paradoxically an obvious escape from it for the individuals behind its creation.” The Line of Best Fit

A brooding, slinky affair, Hustle showcases a new side to scuzzy Tel Aviv quartet Document. Understated, but bristling with the same electric energy as previous single Habit, it’s a swampy call to arms for disaffected youth. Vocalist Nir Ben Jacob explains:

“’Hustle’ revolves around themes of digital addiction – spending hours online and having nothing to show for it, wasting time scrolling and swiping, while not being able to stop. The screen has become an extension of the self. Humans have now become more like plants – they need to be interconnected and depend on technology. Phones are the roots that allow us to be connected to everything else. We‘ve rooted ourselves in our modernity. Our identities can change online. We project what we want others to see. The screen has become a mirror. The phone takes away the ability to be intimate, and you are left alone with a distortion of reality. There’s the addiction of immediate gratification, the online approvals are ‘pseudo-pleasure’. This has all led to pointless compulsive behaviour.”

In 2008, after finishing university, Nir moved back to Tel Aviv and started hanging out with his cousin and a couple of his friends.  As bored 20-somethings, and the only people around who listened to 80’s post-punk or art punk like WireThe Fall and ‘90s bands like Fugazi and Dinosaur Jr. they decided to play together and start a band.

Their tracks explore themes of dis-connectivity and digital addiction, the individual dealing with bureaucracy, corruption and the repeating void of the modern life, oscillating between moments of anxiety and outrage to moments of hope and ecstasy. Yanniv Brenner (Guitar), Amit David (Bass) and Amir Reich (Drums) complete the line-up.

Hustle is taken from forthcoming album The Void Repeats, out November 9th.  The album was recorded at The Junk in Tel Aviv and was mixed by Bill Skibbe of Key Club Recording (The Black KeysProtomartyrBlonde Redhead and The Kills among others

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Featured Photo Credit: Alex Stotland

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