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How did you start?

I started my musical career professionally in 2008 as a background singer. And I did some covers of some popular songs on youtube and soundcloud. As I started, I promised myself that I’m gonna have a solo album by the age of 25. Which is in this year. So I make a plan on how I get there, what it takes to have an album. A good one. I really want to have a good and longlast album. At least, for myself. I want to have an album that I wouldn’t regret when I hear it in the next 5-10 years. I joined some groups and some bands along the way. I learned music from some of the greatest musician here in Indonesia. I did a lot of research on music business. And here I am. Carrying a dream from 9 years ago, a debut solo album called “Nothing Is Real”.

Where are you based?

Jakarta, Indonesia.

Please give an example of your music writing process?

I always begin with a story. I’m an extrovert when it comes to music. I wanna tell everything that I feel thru music. Technically, I always came up with a story first. What I want to share. And then the mood setting. What kind of mood that this storyline needs. After that, I start writing. I usually write a song while singing or sketching the melody of it. When the story is poured into words, I grab my guitar, and start playing around with the rhytm. Usually, the first melody that came out is the ultimate one. After I got the melody to the song, to the story, and then, the song is there just before I knew it. So basically it’s all about storytelling. Play around with words, moods, and melodies. And then, the crucial part. Take it to my laptop, working on the sound, rhytm, dynamic, and all that. Go to the studio, record it. And there’s that.

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently promoting my debut album. Some tv and radio shows, some stages. Let it grow naturally. And I also working on the concept of my second album.

What is your gear setup?

I use Logic X on my laptop to do the sketching part. Using a soundcard and a dynamic mic for some demos in my bedroom. And then I take it to the studio.

What do you like to do outside of the music and does it affect your music?

I travel a lot. I’d like to see what’s the world have in store. Landscape, people, culture, and a lot of things. Why travel? Because when I’m on the road, I have the opportunity to absorb the energy of something that I’ve never seen before. To feel the atmosphere of places I’ve never been before. To experience the vibe of something bigger than myself. Make a contact with local people, asks them about the story of the place, observing the way they live their lives. Those experiences and moments are impeccable for me as a musician. So I would know how to tell a story. A good story. I also like photography. It allows me to access the story even further. It teaches me how to capture a story that I want to share thru my music.

How would you describe your music genre?

Generally, most of the influences to my music are Soul, R&B, and some Jazz. But I did a lot of experiments on my music. Like a crossover or whatever. If a genre is a box, I would like to play around the box, not inside. But basically, it’s Soul/R&B.

Do you know any music theory?

None. Learning by doing, trial and error, even stealing, that’s how I learned music.

What are your plans for the future?

I wanna do more. More albums, more songs, more stories, more places to travel. Right now, I’m preparing for a tour around the country.

How did you get into music? 

I grew up in a musical family. My Dad had a band, he sings and plays most of instruments. My Mom, she sings and she’s the first person who taught me how to play guitar. I been in love with music since I was a baby. That’s pretty much how I’m into music. A gift from God thru my family.

What are you listening at the moment?

Hiatus Kaiyote – Shaolin Monk Motherfunk

Who are your top 5 influences & icons

  1. Pharrell Williams
  2. Bill Withers
  3. Radiohead (Thom Yorke)
  4. D’ Angelo
  5. Bob Marley

When are you playing next?

This weekend. The closest big event is We.The.Fest 11 Aug 2017.



Instagram : @teddyadhitya

Facebook : Teddy Adhitya


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