Tale Of Us

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Tale Of Us – A Berlin based sound scape project of Karm & Matteo Milleri.

Tale Of Us took the planet’s dancefloors by storm. Having met in Milan, and now living in Berlin, the duo has enriched electronic dance music with a multifaceted emotionality. Breathing soul into their music, they empowered its new rise in the 2010s. It is a true sensation that this album of the contemporary deep house sound’s key figures is released on Deutsche Grammophon. For, Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte’s interest in canonical and modern classical music has until now only been addressed at the very edges. Yet classical music has been a constant companion of both of them since childhood.

As fans of Deutsche Grammophon artist Max Richter, Tale Of Us cannot imagine a more natural label for Endless than this one. With a truly unique fusion of classical music, ambient and movie soundtracks, Tale Of Us mark the start of a new chapter in their discography, leaving even the most discerning fans with surprised faces. Ambient music is about atmosphere and space; Tale Of Us charge those soundscapes with emotional and existential content. They combine the elegance admired in their club tracks with the harmonic richness of classical compositions and a deep insight into what constitutes human life in radiant and happy, as well as in sombre and tense, moments.

Endless opens with the xylophone sounds of Definizione Dell Impossibile creating a deep, pulsating beat. A masterfully crafted reverb creates an emotional resonance, reminiscent of classic movie soundtracks. Suddenly graceful strings enter the track, introducing the human dimension, spontaneity and vitality into the music. In Alla Sera, the rhythmic elements are further developed. Piano sounds disappear into the horizon of the track, expressing that there is a special grace and dignity in the dandy’s and the flaneur’s lingering. In Ricordi, this aimless motioncaptures the entire track, a piano losing itself in an elliptical chord sequence of deep, crystal-clear and spherical sounds. The first act of Endless, the search, is then finished and with Oltre La Vita the album takes a turn to the second, more serious chapter. The piano changes its flow; Dilemma is more bass-heavy and deliberate, with a two-tone restlessness of rich, soft strings. With Notte Senza Fine, Tale Of Us depart from this arrangement only in subtle nuances. The two tones merge into a whim-like flirtation and the piano dissolves the tension into conciliatory melody, creating an impassioned end to the night. With the elevenminute, Destino, the climax and the third part of the album are announced.

Tale Of Us dive into a soundtrack-like fantasy space where the rhythmic elements sound like the chattering of a train, a telephone seems to ring and question marks arise. We have no idea where this journey will take us. At Distante, we arrive surprisingly sudden. A slow, cautiously pulsating bass retreats, the piano works as an emotional anchor and hyperreal synthesizer sounds spread an optimism directed to the future. Ventori picks up this mood with charmingly beautiful chords carried by a flowing bassline. At the end of the album, Tale Of Us leave you in a satisfied serenity that allows you to step back, look back and assess this moving musical and existential adventure. In the endlessness of sound we find ourselves.

The virtuoso duo succeeds in opening up the horizon of electronic music in an unprecedented way. From a deeply felt romanticism, which knows happiness as well as pain, Karm and Matteo melt different influences into an unified experience. It captivates both the aficionado of the philharmonic orchestra as well as the party person from the first to the very last moment. http://www.deutschegrammophon.com • http://www.facebook.com/TaleOfUs


For the live concert, Tale Of Us collaborate with renowned media artist Quayola to create an immersive audiovisual experience. Quayola accompanies the music with a special re-edit of his latest video series, Jardins d’Été. This series of artworks investigates the ways in which nature is observed, studied and synthesized, becoming a point of departure towards abstraction. Quayola recreated similar conditions to the classical impressionist landscape paintings, however he engaged with an extensive technological apparatus to capture the sensitive nuances of reality beyond our senses. Here natural landscapes are observed and analysed through the eye of the machine, and repurposed through new modes of visual synthesis. Romantic, mysterious floral compositions dissolve in impressionistic pixels. Thus Quayola and Tale Of Us let us witness how the timeless grace of classical music meets the contemporary electronic arts.

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