Take Some Time Out With marigolden’s Latest Release ‘Mars’

by the partae

‘Just Like Smoke’ Premiered on Triple J

“Fantastically effortless sounding flow on this song, delicately executed but with a quiet power.”  (Zan Rowe, Double J)

“Taking the sweet back seat while marigolden steps into the spotlight with ease on this one. Really enjoyed the way you step into your attitude and the subtlety in your nature.” (Claire Mooney, Triple J)

“I loooove how you play around with those lyrics and semi rap ’em in a jazzy kinda way?! I can hear every emotion so clear through this, it’s so cool” (Pip Rasmussen, Triple J)

“Coming back for a generous second scoop of this track from Marigolden. Just the right sort of song for a reflective afternoon inside.” (Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J)

“The neo-soul singer exudes passion and flair through her music expression.” (Fine Tune Magazine)

“Drawing on jazz and folk influences, she specialises in confident reflections with passionate, freewheeling urgency.” (Broaderlines)

“Mel’s voice gently cuts through the fluid instrumentation, dripping with exasperation.” (Trouble Juice)



marigolden – an accurate moniker for Melbourne-based (Wurundjeri Country) artist Mel O’Neill – fills the room with a mixture of gentle folk and indie-rock. Described as the queen of contradiction, her songs are full of pondering and reflections. With passion and power, O’Neill’s latest single ‘Mars’ is out Friday, 3 March.

Compared to previous releases ‘Taking It Back’ (2020) and ‘Just Like Smoke’ (2021) that has a twist of neo-soul groove, ‘Mars’ has a life of its own. The progression of O’Neill’s art is evident in this new single.

A delicate track that plays like an internal monologue, ‘Mars’ encapsulates exhaustion and discontent. O’Neill’s lyricism and vocals drive the track. Tender lyrics open the single, accompanied by warm, grounding tones of the guitar. The track is instrumentally structured to follow the emotions conveyed as O’Neill states:

“Have you ever felt a bit fed up with humanity? Like everything around you is a bit too hard and you wish you could just scrap it all and start from scratch? That’s sort of what ‘Mars’ is about. The ebb and flow of this feeling is mirrored in the song’s structure. Guitar drives the song from a soft, vulnerable start to a climactic full band ending that truly encapsulates the essence of feeling overwhelmed.”

Throughout ‘Mars’, the ebbs and flows of the track are directed by the intensity and power of O’Neill’s vocals. The pure emotion is met with full-band instrumentals that introduce the indie-rock influence into the track. Slow builds of rolling drums and a twang in the guitar push the single forward whilst harmonies float in between.

Following great acknowledgement from her previous releases, marigolden has found her way into being playlisted with MTV, and plays on Triple J, Double J and RRR. Premiering the music video of ‘Just Like Smoke’ on The AU Reviewmarigolden is solidifying her spot within the indie-rock and folk landscape.

Hide away with marigolden on ‘Mars’Friday, 3 March if you need a small break from the world.

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