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What made you want to start a band?
Clint, Matt and Chris had been together in a previous bands and shared a thirst to take that creative outlet to the next level. We wanted to write and get our songs in front of people for the shear thrill of the live reaction. We had always found the creative connection was better than other bands we had been in.

Who writes the songs and what is the main influence in the bands writing process?
Most of the songs are based around a simple idea brought to rehearsal. The band is extremely connected when writing and will often form the core of a new tune within a couple of jams. Each of us has a style that layers over to make up the components of a new song. Clint is one of the best melody improvisers around which really brings the whole song together. After that it’s all refinements.

Could you describe the visual of your shows?
The band has a very tight and focused show. The aim is to create energy through dynamics and the strength of the songs. The focus really lands on singer Clinton Bell and his passionate delivery that make you really believe the songs.

How do you think the internet has changed music?
It’s made it a lot easier for bands starting out to get their music recorded and out there. At the same time it has caused almost an oversupply of choice which makes it hard to find great bands through the noise. It has definitely meant a decline in the truly great, era defining type of bands- they’re still out there, just a lot harder to find. A lot of that can be attributed to that ease of getting the music on the table- there’s less fight to get it to a certain level and a lot of undeserving music gets to break through.

How does have a music filled life affect you and others around you?
In our band it’s pretty huge. We are spread across different Cities so there is a great deal of travel going on. We also do the production so there are blocks of 3-5 months where every night Matt will be hunkered down in his studio recording and producing. There’s a lot of time spent on music away from families. The great thing is that our families know just how much it means to us and are really supportive considering the impact and how obsessed we all are with the band day to day.

What is one thing you love about being a rock band?
It would have to be the complete separation from the mundane day to day life and just the thrill of writing tunes with your ‘other family’ that you get to see grow and reach people. It’s that creation process and having people ‘get it’ and appreciate it. There’s nothing better than seeing your new baby go off live.

How would you describe your sound?
It’s a very dynamic sound and is driven by melodies that come from a lot of our life experiences. It’s fair to say the band has been through a lot and it shows in the emotional energy in the songs. The songs are catchy and powerful but with a pop sensibility- it’s rock but not necessarily because of crunching riffs. The power is in the makeup of the songs and careful use of dynamics.

What 3 things are most important when writing new music?
Is it memorable, does it have interesting sounds?
Does it have something the listener can connect to?, is it heartfelt? Will they want to get up and dance to it?
Will the band still love it themselves after playing it live for 2 years solid?

What image do you think your music conveys?
It’s been compared to anything from Shoegaze to 80’s Alternative to Ryan Adams. The most common theme across it all is “great rock songs”. Coming from New Zealand a repeating comment is how international it sounds. That’s probably just the musicality and the powerful vocals from Clint who certainly has a unique and gripping style.

Any plans to head to Australia?
Yes definitely. We are coming over in November for a couple of shows in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We are really looking forward to our first shows there!

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