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Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?
I’m currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The music scene there is extremely strong! It’s a smaller city, so pretty much everyone knows each other. You’ll always see other musicians out supporting each others shows if they’re not up on the stage. We have a fantastic organization called Music Nova Scotia, which really helps support the scene, and independent musicians’ careers. They were a big part of me getting started professionally, and they continue to support me to this day!
How did you first start playing music?
I always sang, probably since before I could talk. My whole family is really musical and creative. My uncle was with the Canadian Opera Company for a while, and then was my music teacher in elementary school. I was always encouraged to be a part of his choir, and I took piano lessons. Music was just always a thing in my house growing up, there was no question about it. 
Your new single ‘Loser’ is out now! What influenced the sound and songwriting for this track?
It took me quite a while to write “Loser”. I started it as one relationship was ending and then hit my head against it for a while, then when my next relationship was beginning, I was able to access whatever it was I need to access to finish it.
When I wrote “Loser”, I wrote it on the guitar, but I immediately heard it as more of a dark, synthy, pop track. I was really excited to take it to my producer, Dave Henriques. He listened to my ideas and created a really assertive track. I love to contrast of the vulnerable lyrics with really bold and hooky production. I hope it encourages listeners to own their vulnerabilities and to understand that we aren’t alone in a lot of our securities or anxieties around trusting others with our hearts. 
Where and when did you record Loser?
I recorded Loser with Dave at Coalition Music Studios in Toronto last November (2017).
Where can we listen to Loser?
You can listen anywhere you can stream or buy music! smarturl.it/losersingle
How do you usually go about writing music and recording?
Usually, a line and a melody will hit me at once. Then I’ll sit down with the guitar and go from there to flesh out the rest. Once I’ve got something I feel is complete, I’ll take it to a producer. I really like working with people who can hear beyond the way I’ve written the song, and imagine it as a track. Sometimes just because something is written on the guitar, doesn’t mean that it’s supposed to be a guitar based track. I like working with people who aren’t afraid to explode the song and take it to places I wouldn’t have guessed it could go. 
You recently played 2 shows at Toronto’s Indie Week on Nov 8 and 10, how was this experience as a whole?
Indie Week was fantastic! Playing the Paddock was a highlight for me. I’d never even been in there and I was really pleasantly surprised by the whole vibe. The room was full, which always helps. It felt intimate, but looking out from the stage it was also easy to appreciate that there was genuinely a great crowd. It is the kind of room that will look empty with 10 people, but feel great with 25. 
You have a single release party in Halifax on Nov 29 @Seahorse what do you have planned for this show?
I’m so excited for the Halifax show. It’s the first time I’ve ever headlined the Seahorse and that feels like a pretty big hometown deal. I’m super stoked to have Aquakulture and The Drug Rugs on the bill. I think they are perfect fits for where my live set is going, which is more synth-y stuff, but still with the songwriting as the central focus. I’m really stoked to play Loser live and have my friend Aaron Collier (The Jimmy Swift Band) joining my band on keys and tracks that night. 
Who are you listening to at the moment?
I can’t stop playing Ariana Grande’s singles right now. It’s a problem. 
What do you like to do away from music?
I love to cook, especially with friends. I like to go for big walks and get out in nature, hang out with my family, and go for runs/work out doing something fun. 
What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?
I’m really excited for the Loser single release show in Halifax, that’s my next big excitement. There are a couple things to come before Christmas that are Loser related, so keep checking my socials because that’s where it will all roll out! As for 2019…there’s A LOT to come…and that’s a whole other story 😉 
Favourite food and place to hangout?
Pizza FOR SURE. Or a really good gourmet burger/sandwich. My favourite place to hangout is probably Toronto, or in bed with my cat. 
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