Super Ghost Release Insightful Debut EP ‘Left For Dust’ (Out Oct 29)

by the partae

It’s been a monumental year for fresh-faced duo Super Ghost, bursting onto the scene with an unconventional take on alt-rock that produced two binge-worthy singles, before the unveiling of debut EP ‘Left For Dust’ on October 29.

Refusing to be defined by a single genre, the Gold Coast pair pull crisp indie-pop undertones, surf-rock swells and elements of spaghetti western sauve into their sound, tied together with insightful lyrical observations about modern societal life.

Now, ten months since their debut, Super Ghost’s Hudson MacMahon and Alexander Shoesmith are delivering a textured six-track EP exploring the unsettling reality of life and the adverse effect of social pressures, stating:

“‘Left for Dust’ aims to explore themes of liminal spaces, illogical social customs and anxieties that coincide with the human rat race. We consciously borrowed elements of spaghetti western soundtracks, surf music, carnival music and disco to create a unique spin on alternative rock.”

Opening the EP in a surge of 60’s surf riffs is ‘Lullaby’, rocking us awake with rolling waves of crashing guitar licks as distinctive lead vocal harmonies portray the uncontrollable spiral of someone caught in their own web of lies.

Simmering with the unbridled tension of an old western standoff, ‘Graceless’ paints a scene of anxious isolation, building with modulated guitars and soaring trumpets, until the chorus erupts in a panic attack of driving drums, belting cymbals and yelling vocals, aptly representing the malevolence of social phobias.

In a flourish of experimental flair comes ‘Preserved’, the band playing with modern and math rock elements atop strong surf undertones as melodic verses venture through the concept of outgrowing society, standing by as technology continues to consume priceless relics of the past.

Fuelled by punchy guitars and rallying percussion, ‘Haze’ delivers a lively alt-rock energy that demands to be played live, using deep baritone vocals alongside soaring falsetto harmonies to question social paradigms and the paranoia created by marketing and the media.

‘Vertex’ spirals into view on a whirlwind of slinking bass riffs and wheeling guitar solos, exposing the pressure to conform to social expectations as the pair’s raw harmonies move fluidly between their stoic ego-driven delivery and moments of delicate vulnerability.

Closing the EP is lead-single ‘Waiting List’, a final showcase of Super Ghost’s unique sound as the eerie, sporadic track is engulfed by guttural guitar riffs and propelling percussion, a lingering feeling of uneasiness left in the pit of the stomach, as if finding oneself alone in a liminal space.

Super Ghost’s debut EP ‘Left For Dust’ is out everywhere on October 29.


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