Super Ghost Drop A Flurry Of Melodies And Emotion In Latest Single ‘Don’t Talk About It’

by the partae

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“Built off a foundation of indie rock, the pair of Hudson MacMahon and Alexander Shoesmith aren’t afraid to colour outside the lines, adding elements of ‘crisp indie-pop undertones, surf-rock swells and elements of spaghetti western sauve’ to the mix.”

“Rising from the Gold Coast, the sound of their dreamy undertone, dissolved by a propelling energy, mediates the lasting impression of Super Ghost.”
(Good Call Live)

“Super Ghost have nailed a particular vibe on Waiting List”
(AAA Backstage)

After a massive year for the Gold Coast trio in 2022, Super Ghost are kicking the year off with their indie rock single ‘Don’t Talk About It’ out February 10.

Now with a number of singles and their debut EP ‘Left For Dust’ under their belt, ‘Don’t Talk About It’ stays true to their concoction of genres, with waves of surf-rock instrumentals, indie-pop break-downs and a touch of spaghetti western.

Boasting jangly pop guitars, big horn sections, tempo changes and the smooth vocal delivery by Hudson MacMahon, ‘Don’t Talk About It’ is a flurry of indie rock melodies, rhythms and energy. Moving through the ups and the downs, this new track is a whirlwind of emotion conveyed not only in the lyrics but the instrumental behind it.

Revealing a story on the slow unravelling of a relationship, MacMahon reflects on the loss of spark, the growing distrust, resentment and discontentment. Wrestling with these suspicions in the track, ‘Don’t Talk About It’ explores the mindset that even though there are obvious problems, it’s easier not to address them and pretend everything is fine to prevent confrontation. MacMahon states:

‘Don’t Talk About It’ is simply about the demise of a relationship where you can’t address fundamental issues or infidelity. When there are suspicions of wrongdoing, whether actual or not, there can be an uncomfortable pressure in the relationship where you feel dread and guilt whilst your partner is unknowing.

“[The song] encapsulates the realisation that a relationship is over, but grapples with the need to make it work and the feelings of worthlessness and guilt that come with being unable to address these issues and wrongdoings.”

After Super Ghost’s emergence in August 2021, the Gold Coast music makers have solidified themselves within the Gold Coast and Brisbane music scenes. With the support from the Regional Arts Development Fund in partnership with the Queensland Government, Super Ghost can continue to release their intoxicating combination of music pulled from a variety of influences and sounds.

Securing support slots for domestic acts such as Mid City (VIC) and Choosing Sides (SA), the trio have consistently sold out headlining shows at Vinnie’s Dive Bar (Gold Coast)Greaser Bar (Brisbane) and The Bearded Lady (Brisbane) while also playing shows along the east coast at Tambourine, the Sunshine Coast, Kingscliff, Byron Bay and Newcastle.


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