Sunshine Makers Release New EP ‘A Side’

by the partae

Toronto’s neo-soul funk group, Sunshine Makers, have released their dynamic new EP ‘A SIDE’. Highlighting a swathe of vistas, creative transitions and techniques that showcase the band’s unique take on blending musical genres – the EP is a testament to their drive, passion and incredible musicality. With a bouquet of soulful vocals and live instrumentation alongside analog synthesizers, sequencers and drum samples, they create a fresh, contemporary sound well-rooted in the foundations of classic Soul and R&B.

A SIDE is the first of 2 EP’s and is being released via digital label Big Story/Flying Colours (the second EP is to be released later this year).  Recorded between 2017-2022, the new music has been a labor of love for singer/songwriter Brent Jackson and Producer Ben Fox. Both getting together when they could – and both living in different cities, and working around a global pandemic added to slowing down the process. The overall result has been thoroughly seen through from concept to creation. Mxed by Gus van Go (Metric, Sam Roberts Band, The Beaches) and Mastered by Dan Weston (Shad, Kevin Gates, Classified) – A SIDE is a triumph in collaboration.

With “The Dream”, and the accompanying (and stunning video) – the band delves into their unique sound and retro vibes.  “When I first heard the song, I pictured a music video with bright colours”, says director Sean Stanley. “I had an idea I wanted to play around involving a colourful palette that was a little incorporeal, perhaps even dreamlike – colours floating through heads.”

Sunshine Makers are a diverse and exciting collective of musicians, singers, and MCs led by singer/songwriter Brent Jackson, including producer Ben Fox, vocalist Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien (Blunt Chunks), keyboardist Jem Roberts, and saxophonist Dennis Passley (Arkells), as well as a long list of compelling guest artists like Julien Barbagallo (Tame Impala), Odario Williams (Grand Analog), Aquakultre, Chester Hansen (BadBadNotGood), and many more.  Sunshine Makers truly exemplify a spirit of open-hearted collaboration and musical community-building that transcends, genres, cultures, and borders. But, when it all comes down to it –  Sunshine Makers take us away from the darkness, a vacation for the soul because in times like these we can all use a little sunshine.


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