Stephan Bodzin – Strand (Afterlife 009)

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Stephan​​ Bodzin​​-​​Strand​​(AL009)

Stephan​​ Bodzin:​​ a ​​classically​ ​trained ​​musician,​​ vastly ​​experienced ​​producer​ ​and ​​master ​​of​​ melody. ​​He has ​​built ​​a​​re putation ​​through​​ countless ​​releases ​​under​​ many ​​aliases,​​and​ ​through​ ​his​​dramatic ​​and dynamic ​​live ​​set ​​capturing ​​the ​​hearts​ ​of​​ fans ​​world wide. ​​For ​​After life, ​​Bodzin ​​bottles ​​the​​in fectious​ ​energy of ​​these​​ shows ​​into ​​two​​ epic, ​​colourful​​l and scapes ​​of​​sound,​​“Strand” ​​and​​“Catamaran”.

Following ​​his ​​first ​​contribution ​​to​​ the​ ​label​ ​in ​​September​​-​​a​ ​mesmerising​ ​remix​ ​of ​​Tale ​​Of ​​Us ​​& ​​Vaal’s ‘Monument’​​-​​“Strand”​​elevates​​ this ​​fitting ​​relationship ​​to ​​the​​n ext ​​level.​​The​​re lease​​contains​​a​​true anthem ​​from​ ​Bodzin’s​​and ​​Tale ​​Of ​​Us’​​set s​​in​​‘Strand’​​and ​​a​​more ​​restrained​ ​effort ​​in​​‘Catamaran’.​​Both dream-like ​​compositions ​​are ​​unmistakably ​​Bodzin,​​taking ​​the ​​list ener​​on​​a​​journey ​​and​ ​brimming ​​with​ ​the synth​​ wizardry ​​he ​​is ​​best ​​known​ ​for.

AL009​​ Stephan​ ​Bodzin ​​‘Strand’:

A​​ Strand

A A​ ​Catamaran

Available ​​on​​ 12 ”​​vinyl ​​and ​​digital ​​on ​​December ​​8 th, ​​2017


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