SomeKindaWonderful Releases on Universal with New Track “Lion”

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SomeKindaWonderful Releases on Universal with New Track “Lion”

Artists: SomeKindaWonderful
Title: Lion
Label: Universal Music
Release date: 29 September 2017

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When “Lion” opens with only a plucky guitar solo, one begins to wonder how a song named for such a ferocious animal could begin so softly. Fear not, though, for the meticulous guitar quickly blooms in the company of Jordy Towers‘s passionately haunting voice. The headman behind SomeKindaWonderfulpossesses a unique talent to seamlessly fuse soul, pop and hip-hop in his music; “Lion” incorporates electronic notes during its powerful chorus courtesy of the band’s other half, producer Nikolai Potthoff, which merges in perfect harmony with the live instrumentals for a raw but distinctly sophisticated sound. The lyrics to the track speak for Towers himself. “‘Lion‘ is about mortality, but also about continuing to follow your dream,” he said of the track’s inspiration. “I’m getting older and starting to feel my mortality in everything that I experience. Things are changing, but I know that I’m a fighter at heart, and I’ll stay young and curious forever.” “Lion” is out now on Universal Music.

SomeKindaWonderful began as a spontaneously-formed band after they all met at a bar in ClevelandOhioand wrote their first single “Reverse” that very same night. Their premiere song went on to gain them international recognition and sparked tours around the U.S. and Europe. Though the rest of the band moved on to begin families, Jordy Towers knew he wasn’t ready to give up on the dream. The velvet-voiced singer made a name for himself as a rapper under the moniker “Optimus,” supporting Lupe Fiasco on tour and more. However, fate had different plans – when Towers met and began working with Potthoff, the two knew that SomeKindaWonderful had evolved into something bigger than ever before. The two have new music coming up this fall, so stay tuned to what dynamic sounds they create next.

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