by the partae

Name and roll in band?
Mick- lead guitar.

How did the band start?
Tash and I started off playing and writing acoustic guitar based songs but decided we wanted to be a raucous loud rockers- so we found the other 3 raddest rockers around!

Where are you based?

Writing process?
Usually it starts with someone coming up with a cool riff or musical movement and then we figure out what part of the song it would suit best and then jam it out from there.

What are you working on now?
Right now we are in the process of touring our debut album!

How did you find the recording process? 

It was intense, but with a relaxed vibe. We were worked really hard but in a good way, that brought out the best takes! We were told to leave our egos at the door and really focus on the music and don’t be sidetracked by all the other bullshit!

How you wanted the EP/album/single to sound at first, how that changed during recording?

What changed during recording was that we found with enough push we could actually play better than we thought we could. It actually sounds like what we envisioned the songs could sound like in our heads! Matt was able to drag that out of our playing and performance and capture the energy!! We had more time to experiment and get the best parts in!!

Stories from recording/writing?

Tash basically had to learn to speak English! Matt the producer was adamant about pronunciation. Pulling her up on every word. Due to her deep tone the words can get lost or muffled. She felt like she was back at school!

The songs were so powerful that while listening back we blew up 2 sets of $300.00 Headphones!!! Haha only joking! Jordy likes to have it cranked while recording and blew them up! We blew up the magic Sherlock guitar head 3 days into recording and had to do a mercy mission to get it repaired.

We pulled the super dirty weirdo solo tone on One Night because Mick doesn’t use pedals very often and stood on the wrong combination and messed up the dials!!

What is your gear setup?
I run a esp viper with Seymour Duncan jb pickups through a peavey 6505+ and an orange speaker cabinet.

What do you like to do outside of music and does it affect your music?
My other passion outside of music is surfing- it doesn’t really affect my music creatively but it always clears my head. It also keeps me fit!

What genre are you?
Our genre is sultry punk’n’roll!

Do you know any music theory?
Personally I have a basic level of music theory- I’m more of a what feels right and sounds good kind of player! Matty is quite well versed in music theory as he studied classical violin.

Plans for the future?
We will be releasing a couple more single/videos from the album and continue touring australia. Then next year we are looking to go to Europe.

How did you get into music?
My parents always had music playing whenever we were at home so the first bands I heard were deep purple, the animals, divinyls, and I have loved music since then- at school my friend showed me NoFX Pantera and Metallica and all I wanted to do was play guitar!!

What are you listening to at the moment?
Lately I have been listening to West Thebarton Brothel Party, Hoodlum Shouts, Everytime I Die, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.

What are your 5 musical influences, icons?
My 5 most influential groups  are Guns’n’Roses, Metallica, Jimmy Hendrix, AFI, Propagandhi

When are you playing next?
Our next shows are the Cooly Rocks Festival at the Eddies Grubhouse stage on June 11 and Dead of Winter festival in Brisbane on July 29

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