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Gold Coast band, SAVV – Have just released their brand new track ‘Future Forever’, which turned out to be an anti-love poem, almost two years ago. It dives deep into a 1st person perspective on what could and would have happened to two people and to accept their choices without wasting time.

For those just discovering your music, could you tell us a bit about yourselves & your background?

Well, Jack and Blair were writing and recording ideas throughout all of 2016 after meeting each other at a Tame Impala after party. Blair then asked long-time high school friend, Mackenzie if he’d be interested in playing bass as they had a history of playing together at school and a few months later asking Ondre to join in on keys. Although the idea of starting a band was something we always wanted to do, we abruptly agreed to opening for a friends band without a full setlist. During the first year, there were other members that came and went but eventually after months of getting performance chops as well as constantly recording new songs, the band had formed into a 4 piece.

What records have had the most influence on you guys?

The influences for our music come from a lot of different artists but I guess the main inspiration for being self-sufficient in recording and producing was from Tame Impala’s Lonerism. This had a big impact on how we write and record music. Other influences include The Beatles Revolver or Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, it’s hard to choose between the two! The rock side of us clearly comes from our love for band’s like The Strokes but also more recent electronic rock bands such as Phoenix, especially their latest Ti Amo.

What do you find to be the biggest challenge in your musical career?

The Gold Coast has got a lot of talented bands but we find that most of the time we end up playing with artists that make us sound like the odd ones out. Sometimes that could definitely be a good thing for us but it’s hard to keep an audience engaged that’s there to see

Once described as “Catchy 70s and 80s vibes paired with an undeniably modern sound, bringing together era spanning tracks. This is the type of indie pop that belongs on your summer playlist.” Do you think this is a good description of your sound?

We think it’s great that people can relate to the sounds of music to those era’s because they had some of the best music back then. More than anything, I think the sounds they’re hearing are the instruments that we use come from that time period, not the song writing itself! Nonetheless, it’s an honour to be compared to those era’s

What’s the best part about playing music?

As a band, we love putting a song together after days or weeks of recording, then figuring out how we can tackle it live and seeing people in the audience react to the work. It’s so rewarding every time to see at least one person enjoy themselves to something new of ours.

Can you describe the band in three words?

Synthesised sonic pleasure

If you could pick two Artist/bands to tour with in the whole world – who would it be and why?

Phoenix would be a must. They’re easily one of the most creative live bands ever. I think we could learn a lot from their skills visually and sonically, such a cool stage ! Pond would be the other, keeping it close to home. Collectively, we’ve all seen Pond maybe 20 times? Nick has just got so much raw emotion in his songs and they really know how to keep true to songs whilst adding in new parts. Such mad scientists with their shows.

Lastly, what can we expect in the future from you/the band?

The band is always writing and recording, whether that means we’re doing it together or separately. So you can expect some fresh new singles and sounds that will eventuate into our live show that we want to tour this year. At the minute, we’re looking to just bust out singles and not talk ourselves into an EP or an album but if we can put together a larger release thematically, then there will definitely be one.


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