Save The Forte Crowdfunding Campaign

by the partae


Festival Forte needs your help to keep it running


After 4 editions of Festival Forte, they’re asking for your help to host their next festival in 2018.

The annual music festival set in a Portuguese castle features audio and visual performances from various electronic artists. In order to keep the event purely focused on art, the festival organizers have rejected commercial support as it often compromises audience experiences and locks smaller artists out of line-ups featuring the same big names. Until now, Festival Forte has been able to finance the event using ticket sales but now they need your help to continue their festival in 2018 and years to come. Funds will go not only towards expenses related to hosting the event, but also towards preserving and restoring the historic venue which hosts the festival.

When you donate you will receive special rewards including tickets to the event and various types of merchandise. Head over to the IndieGogo campaign to help save one of the last bastions against the commercialization of music.

“(…) you can’t argue that Festival Forte is not just a music festival, it’s a festival of the arts, sitting in a location that you can hardly best, it’s an event to be lived at all senses.” – Wide Future

If Festival Forte continues to commit to these principles, then next year can only be even more of a success.” Resident advisor

As an example of a festival that believes in its acts, its venue and its crowd, Forte is hard to beat.” – Crack

Montemor-O-Velho, magnifique forteresse au Portugal construite au Moyen Âge accueillait fin août une superbe affiche” – Trax

Nuevamente, nuestros vecinos portugueses se coronan como gente que de verdad sabe hacer las cosas y cree por encima de todo en la influencia, el arte y la cultura que conlleva esta música.” – Vicious Magazine


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