S. Carey announces new album ‘Hundred Acres’

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Hear first single “Fool’s Gold” now

S. Carey will release his third full-length album, Hundred Acres, on February 23, 2018 on Jagjaguwar via Inertia Music, and has shared the gorgeous and haunting first single “Fool’s Gold”.  Hundred Acres — which follows 2014’s Range of Light, highly praised by The New York TimesPitchforkThe New York Times Style MagazineRelix, and Under The Radar, among others — is now available for pre-order.

Hundred Acres finds Carey at his most confident, mature, and grounded, writing the strongest songs of his career. At its core, the album is a poetic treatise on what is truly necessary in life, a surprisingly utilitarian art project that underscores the power of enduring. Carey challenges himself and the listener to strive for a near-utopian ideal of returning to a simpler way of life, and loving those around you, to heal personal wounds.

Carey employed a smaller, more focused scale of instrumentation on Hundred Acres, centered around guitar, synths, pedal steel, strings, drums and percussion, with his soothing vocals front and center — more distinct than ever. In effect, the album’s production echoes its underlying message: the beauty in simplicity. Relying on more traditional song structures instead of the Steve Reich-ian repetitions of his past work, a new balance is struck that creates something unique. The result is a collection of poetic yet clear-eyed songs that both stand brightly on their own and tightly weave together to create a powerful album.

On “Fool’s Gold”, Carey’s signature minimalism is intact with an acoustic guitar serving as the backbone, propped up ever so slightly by ambient keys and a lilting slide. The song showcases the difference between his writing on a guitar versus a piano, as he has traditionally done. Says Carey, “This song is what started the whole record…everything came out of it and the vibe it created.”  A catalyst written in the shadow of death while still holding out for inner happiness, it provides that fine and familiar balance of darkness and light for which Carey is known.

Hundred Acres was produced by Carey, with engineering and co-production from Zach Hansonand Chris Messina. The album was predominantly recorded at April Base in Fall Creek, WI, and features backing vocals by Gordi on three songs, musical contributions from Casey Foubert(Sufjan Stevens) and signature string arrangements from Rob Moose (yMusic), as well as art direction and photography by longtime collaborator Cameron Wittig.

S. Carey
Hundred Acres

1. Rose Petals
2. Hideout
3. Yellowstone
4. True North
5. Emery
6. Hundred Acres
7. More I See
8. Fool’s Gold
9. Have You Stopped to Notice
10. Meadow Song

Hundred Acres by S. Carey is out February 23, 2018 on Jagjaguwar via Inertia Music
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Featured Photo Credit : Cameron Wittig

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