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“There’s something for everyone on Rozwell Kid’s new album, to be honest: it distills down a good two decades’ worth of guitar solos, pop hooks and wink-nudge lyricism into — well, would you look at that — a delightfully precious piece of art.” – PASTE MAGAZINE

“Precious Art dazzles from start to finish thanks to some trademark over-the-top riffing, killer lyrics, silly hookys and bizarre cultural references.” – UPSET MAGAZINE

“Some sort of Frankenstein’s monster of catchiness” – NOISEY

“Extroverted, shoutalong songs about being too lazy to get off the damn couch” – PITCHFORK

“One of the greatest cult rock and roll records of all time” – UPROXX

“Excellent!” – THE NEW YORK TIMES

“900 guitar solos make you feel like you just conquered the world”  – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

“Raucous, hyperactive, grungy slacker-rock” – EXCLAIM

Rozwell Kid’s highly-anticipated new album Precious Art, available everywhere today, is a quintessential power-pop album and something entirely new at the same time. It’s teeming with understated nostalgia, but doesn’t get too lost in it either. Rather, it’s recalibrated, revisiting the past with the added wisdom that comes with age.

“Nostalgia has always been part of my inspiration for songwriting,” admits singer/guitarist Jordan Hudkins. “I’ve always seemed to pull from childhood memories and recontextualized them, where I kind of imagine it as a big 30 year-old kid wearing OshKosh B’Gosh overalls singing about these things they experienced or thought about as a kid.”

What’s even more impressive is how Hudkins communicates in his own special language to relay the same emotions most songwriters do (excitement, disappointment, heartbreak, love, self-doubt, etc), but in an entirely new way. His insane ability to balance pathos and humor to turn the slightest, most oddball detail – whether that’s picking his nose, making Batman costumes or liking hummus – into works of, well, precious art.


UHF on DVD, the first single off of Precious Art, is a good-humored, high energy probe into anxiety and insecurity. Since its April release, the single has taken true rock music fans by storm, landing itself into Alt Nation’s Advanced Placement program on SiriusXM and garnering key radio adds at both college and mainstream alternative formats

Watch the lyric video for UHF on DVD here:

Fronted by the affable, spectacled Jordan Hudkins, Rozwell Kid write massive, gritty, excitable power-punk songs; they channel Blue Album guitar grandiosity and eternally-hummable melodies conveyed in ‘ooo”s, the likes of which would make Rivers Cuomo weak in his problematic knees.

It’s now been nearly three years since the release of Rozwell Kid’s breakout album Too Shabbythrust the West Virginian four-piece into the spotlight. The album granted the band opportunities to tour the world alongside bands like Into It. Over It., Motion City Soundtrack, The Hotelier, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, You Blew It!, Superheaven and more, whilst drawing constant Weezer comparisons from high-profile outlets such as Pitchfork and Noisey. Their irrepressible attitude and outrageous stage antics have made Rozwell Kid a staple for fans of Weezer, Dinosaur Jr., The Darkness and more.

Watch Wendy’s Trash Can here:

01. Wendy’s Trash Can
02. Total Mess
03. Boomerang
04. Futon
05. MatTV
06. South By
07. UHF On DVD
08. Booger
09. Wish Man
10. Blow It
11. Gameball
12. Michael Keaton

Featured Photo Credit: Emily Dubin

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