Rogue Traders

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We talk to James Ash from Rogue Traders ..

Where are you currently based?

I am based in Sunny Melbourne (41 degrees today!)

What’s been happening recently?

Well everything at the moment is all about the launch of our brand new single – as well as putting together lots of new shows so we can get out and see people.

You’ve just released your first single in ten years ‘To The Disco’ why the decade break?
Basically it kinda took that long to get something that everyone was happy with.  We knew it needed to feel like the Rogues everyone knows – but it also had to feel fresh and vital – and current.  It just took a while to find that edge.
What influenced the sound and songwriting?
To a large extent, we just know what makes a track a Rogue Traders track – however with this one, we knew we wanted to take it back to the dance floor and make a record that could move the room at a club.
How did To The Disco come about?
We did a track called On your Way To The Disco on our Better In The Dark album back in the day, that was always earmarked as a single.  Sadly, it never saw the light of day. Fast forward years later and we had this new piece of music that felt really great and were trying to find lyrics to it. I dropped the verse of On Your Way over the top and it just fit so damn well. Then we wrote a brand new second verse, chorus and middle 8 – and it became it’s own thing entirely.
Where and when did you record/produce/master and who did you work with?
The original production was a collaboration with my old friend Sgt. Slick of Gimme Gimme Gimme fame, who passed the track with a view to me writing a new vocal top line.  It evolved over the years and became the track you hear now.
How did it feel being in the studio again?
Well I’ve never left!  But it felt great working on RT again!
What can we expect from Rogue Traders this year?
Lots of shows – and hopefully more music too.  We are just feeling energised and want to get out there in front of people!
Is there an album in the pipeline?
Perhaps.  It depends on the interest, and also if we can come up with something that feels complete and cohesive. Right now, it’s all about making music that excites us – and we’ll just see where that leads…
You’re performing a free show at the Colombian Hotel in Sydney nextThursday the 23rd of February as part of Pride – what can fans expect from this performance?
We often see you perform big festivals with the fullband ,will you be hitting the road as an electro duo too?
Yes, so Nat and I perform as a DJ Duo for the smaller shows and club shows – and we go out with the full band for the big shows.  We’re incredibly lucky to have such flexibility.
Any other upcoming shows?
We have a bunch we are announcing shortly!
Who are you listening to at the moment?
Right now it’s all about the new Caroline Polachek album!
Favourite food and place to hangout?
South Melbourne… vibe, food, people – what more do you want?

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