Robot Koch

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

I moved to LA in 2013, after 15 years of living in Berlin. it was time for a change.

Please tell us about your Diynamic debut EP ‘FLUID’ that you released last month with DJ support from solomun, Pete Tong and BBC essential mix etc:

My friend Chi Thanh made a remix of a song I made with Delhia De France. I sent that to Solomun and he started playing it in his sets, it became his “afterhour secret weapon” he said. Diynamic wanted to release the song and asked me if i was into the idea of doing a whole EP on their label. i thought it was a great opportunity to reach people that  didn`t so far get in touch with my music. i always like to change things up and keep evolving as an artist, so this EP made sense to me.

It has since gotten lots of love from various DJs and including Pete tTng, who played it on his BBC essential mix, as well as lots of spotify playlists and DJ charts. and many people really love “fluid” which i made with french collaborator Julien Marchal, it´s my fave song on the EP.

The song “Heart As A River” from your album (Particle Fields) has been licensed for the new worldwide Sony campaign, the ad with your music is on air on TV and in cinemas all over the world.

 How has the response been? 

It`s been fantastic, the song started charting all over Europe. the reactions are really positive.

Has this massive exposure opened up many new opportunities? 

Yes, a lot more people reached out that didn`t know my music so far, both new fans and industry people, so it`s definitely a blessing to get exposure like that.

How did this come about?

The ad agency that worked with Sony found the song via a music supervisor I think, my agent then got in touch with them and took it from there, it was a real thriller because many major labels and publishers were pushing their songs for this campaign. it was not clear if our song was gonna stick, for almost 2 months, until we finally got the notice that they thought it was the best song for the ad and it was all confirmed.

 We hear that your getting into film scoring a bit more now days, you scored this short film by director Eliot Lee Hazel that just premiered on Nowness a few days ago.  How did you get into film scoring? 

Films have always been my passion, even before I got into music. I was a big movie geek, really into sci fi and fantasy, i wanted to become a filmmaker when I was a kid. life took a different route and I became a musician/composer/producer instead, but making music for film feels like going full circle with my child hood passion.

I recently signed with WME, who represent big film composers like Hans Zimmer or Trent Reznor, but also newer artists like Haxan Cloak or mica levi, I feel very blessed to be on their roster, I´m yet to score my first feature film though.

How do you score a film? 

Writing to picture is a different process to just writing a song. You really wanna amplify the emotion or narrative that the pictures give you, so it´s a very interesting and challenging process. but I always write very visual anyways, I have images in my head when i write, just when I score it`s not an image in my head but a real image of an actual film i`m writing to.

Can we expect more of this from you in the future?

Yes! absolutely, I just finished scoring another short film by french director Mickael Le Goff, should be out soon.

You have been very busy lately, you’ve started your own label: Trees&Cyborgs as a platform you and other artists to release.

Image credit : lisanne schulz

Why did you choose to start a label? 

I think it`s all about owning your own rights nowadays, starting my own label was the logical next step. Own your rights and own your power as an artist is the best advise that I can give to other artists who approach me and ask me for feedback on their songs and where to take them.

What can we anticipate being released under Trees&Cyborgs?

It`s a platform for my own music, as well as music of artists I collaborate with.

Your touring schedule is a little quiet at the moment, your hands are quite full with remixes and producing for yourself and others.

 Yes I really enjoy being in the studio and creating new music all the time. I don`t miss touring. but that might change and i`ll get back into playing shows, right now it`s not an objective for me though.

You’ve just produced the new single for Oliver Tree, a new artist on Atlantic records.  How did this come about?

We started working 3 years ago, made a few songs, then recently his manger reached out and said that song we made a while back is coming out next week and Oliver signed to Atlantic in the meantime. that was awesome news, I had almost forgotten about the track.

What can we expect for the future?

I feel very inspired right now and am working on lots of new music, there will be new releases that I`m involved in as a writer and producer coming out this year still, watch my socials more info on that.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I made a playlist with some artists that I enjoy and some of my own stuff mixed up:


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