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What is your name and role within Risky Disko?

Matthew Everett Crouse. I am a co-founder and partner with Greg in Risky Disko.

My name is Gregory Droggitis and I am a DJ and founder of Risky Disko.

Where are you currently based?

MC: I’m currently based in Philadelphia, PA

GD: Currently, I am painting the walls of my new apartment in Brooklyn, NY.

You have a new mix Crouse – No Future Mix  what influenced the sound of this track?

MC: I’ve always been very into the post-punk/no-wave sound that came out of New York in the late 70’s/early 80’s. I think growing up listening to a lot of punk had a major influence on why I’m so attracted to that sound. It’s raw, aggressive and has attitude but is still very danceable. Finding labels like Factory records when I was younger had a huge impact on me. After seeing 24 hour party people in high school I was immediately seeking out bands like A certain ratio, Happy mondays etc.. I’ve been meaning to put together something like this for a while, it was nice to finally get around to it.

How do you usually go about choosing tracks to mix?

MC: It depends on the setting. If I’m working on mix it’s going to tend to be a little more moody and thought out. If I’m playing live it’s very dependent on the vibe of the room and how we’re feeling at the time. I’ll usually have a bunch of “new” stuff that I had in mind to play before a set, but we never plan it out. We’ve tried that before and it never goes as planned so we keep it fairly loose.

What programs and equipment do you use?

MC: I’m currently using Ableton. I also have an Alesis micron, a Fender semi-hollowbody telecaster, a cheap bass someone gave me for free and a ton of .wav drum samples I use through Ableton. If we’re working on something together we will usually end up using Greg’s gear, using something hands on is much more conducive to our work flow.

GD: I have a small home studio that mixes analog and digital gear. Currently I’m using a Roland TR-707 drum machine as my master clock sending signal to a TR-606, a TR-505, a Juno 6, and a Moog Mother 32. In addition, there’s a Yamaha DX-21 synthesizer and Univox SR-120 drum machine. Everything runs through a Steinburg interface into Logic Pro X where I do my arranging, mixing, and mastering. I also own a Tascam 246 Portastudio which is a great 4-track tape recorded.

Please tell us about “Greg D launches Over / Under Tapes”

GD: I launched Over / Under Tapes as a passion project. I release very limited-cassette tapes that highlight obscure music from all over the world. Traveling is a huge hobby of mine and I’ve collected a fair amount of records from around the world. I went to school for design, which is another passion of mine. The label gives me a chance to make cool designs and share the music with other people. I’m not doing official reissues or anything like, only DJ mixes and maybe a book later down the line. It’s a fun little project…I’m excited to see where I take it. Over / Under Tapes | Over / Under 001 audio

Where do you usually produce / record?

GD: I recorded this mix in my home studio. I usually produce at home. I record a lot of voice memos on my phone when I’m walking around.

How did you start producing music and Djing?

MC: I’ve been playing music all of my life. I started playing guitar since I was 8 and I’ve picked up things along the way. I’m not necessarily proficient at any one instrument but I can get by and like to think I have a decent ear. I’ve played in a few bands since high school. Over the years technology helped the rise of home production which I’ve been lucky enough to be alive for, which made things a lot easier to get into. DJ’ing came about fairly naturally. I’ve always been very into music, seeking out new bands/artists and introducing them to friends.

GD: My musical background started when I was eight years old. I started playing piano and singing in professional theatre in grade school. In my early teens I played in punk bands and I studied jazz guitar in high school. Vinyl records were always around me growing up. When I was ten or eleven (1998) I grabbed my dad’s copy of Paul’s Boutique off the shelf and put on Side 1. That had a huge impact and would ultimately turn me onto DJ culture. I started DJ’ing in 2009 and recoding / producing music came after that. I haven’t released much original material yet, but there are new things in the works.

You’re moving to New York and will be releasing original material in the upcoming months, what can we expect from these up coming releases? What influences your sound?

GD: Yes, I’ve moved to NY and have original material that I’ll release. There will be six or seven tracks total due out at the end of 2017. The songs are on the slower end of the dance spectrum. One might say Balearic. Most of the tracks were recorded in late Spring / early Summer so you could say the music is influenced by the outdoors, sunshine, adventure, the beach…

What influences your sound?

MC: Really anything from the music I’m listening to, a book I’ve read or maybe a conversation with a friend. I try not to be too derivative but there are definitely certain sounds I’ll try to emulate and restructure in my own way. Putting your own touch on things is important.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

MC: I’m currently listening to a lot of different music. I saw Crumb open up for Homeshake a few months ago, they were really good and so is their ep. Woo has been in heavy rotation…Jerry Paper as well. Idris Muhammad “Could heaven ever be like this” has been a current obsession. The Dungen – Haxan (Prins Thomas edits) record is insane. I’m kind of all over the place.

GD: Currently I have been on a big Fruit Bats / Kevin Morby kick. Ariel Pink has been in rotation as well. As far as dance labels go, Second Circle is putting out amazing new music. Growing Bin Records is releasing great stuff, too.

Favourite show of the year?

MC: My favorite show that I’ve seen all year… maybe Lambchop, that album was really good. I mentioned Crumb earlier..this is a tough question. My favorite show of ours this year is a toss up. We got to play in Saigon at The Observatory in June, that was really surreal. Greg and I traveled throughout SE asia for a little under two months over the summer. The other would have to be Good Room in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. The crowd was so receptive and into it, that really makes all the difference.

GD: There have been a lot of great parties / performances this year. I DJ a party in Philly called Making Time. The 17 Year Anniversary was this past May and we had a party with Jessy Lanza, Jacques Green, Red Axes, and all the Making Time DJ’s. It was a great night.

How has the scene changed since you started?

MC: Sure, things change all the time. If they didn’t change, wouldn’t we get bored?

GD: It’s younger…or I’ve become older? I’ve always been one of the younger guys so it’s a weird feeling.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

MC: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite type of food, there are so many options! I got really into Thai food while we were over there, everything is so bright and spicy. It’s all so intense.

GD: I moved to Williamsburg, Brooklyn 48 hours ago so I’m excited to find my new spots. My girlfriend and I cook and eat out a lot together.

When and where are you playing next?

MC: My next show is a solo gig at the Knitting factory in NY. November 3rd with good friends Digital Frontier.

GD: I’ve got Making Time Halloween on Oct. 28 in Philadelphia. Secret Location.

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