Rising Swedish star Salvatore Ganacci achieves pop bliss on new single Way Back Home

by the partae
With the backing of Sebastian Ingrosso’s mighty Refune label, fellow Swede Salvatore Ganacci has been quickly rising through the ranks of electronic music since making his debut alongside Major Lazer’s Jillionaire in 2004 (Fresh). We’re now treated to the first taste of his upcoming EP, which is set to show off his electronic-pop-urban hybrid like never before.
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This sweet track features the pitched-down vocals of Sam Gray, whose soulful tones glides over tropical guitar plucks and chords and a chopped-up beat with a little dancehall flavour in its rhythm. The warm bass and sexy percussive rhythms conjure up a sun-kissed beach vibe, with feel-good piano chords lifting things up in the bridge. African vocal chants top the track off as we reach the climax, with a cute vocal synth hooks adding more vibrancy still. It’s a little reminiscent of some classic ‘90s reggae pop crossover sounds, but brought up to date with chunky production and contemporary flavour.
After the success of Talk earlier this year, Ganacci is on great form and looks set to have another winner here. His collaboration with Axwell ^ Ingrosso and rapper Pusha T Cant Hold Us Down was another major moment for him, putting him in front of millions of people worldwide, while FLAGS! and Ride It alongside Ingrosso only served to strengthen his claim as a king of the new school. If this is anything to go by, his upcoming EP is going to make big waves.

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