Ramona Flowers

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Ramona Flowers 16 LEAD Preview

You recently released “Strangers”. What has the reaction been like so far and is it what you expected?

We are really pleased with the feedback from the release of “Strangers”. People really seem to connect with the track. We hope it translates to our other releases to come. So far we’ve had great reactions live as well. We can’t wait to play it out in Australia and see what you guys all think.

Who is the most interesting stranger you’ve ever met and what was their story?

We once met Howard Marks the international drug smuggler, some of his stories were unbelievable. He was so interesting and after spending a few hours with him you couldn’t believe the things he did and the people he knew. You can certainly see why he was nicknamed Mr Nice.

You say “Strangers” was rare in that it was written as collectively band. How do most Ramona Flowers songs come together?

Actually writing as a collective tends to be the way we work. Certainly the new album is majoritively a collaborative effort. What was rare about Strangers the song was that we were never in the same room together until final production of the track. Ideas were put down and picked up over a number of sessions by different members until it finally came together. We usually bounce ideas off of each other. The key is to be honest, open and patient. Unfortunately that’s not always as easy or as harmonious as it sounds and often leads to dead ends. It certainly creates a heap more work. However in the end we feel it drives us to be more creative and is our preferred method of writing.

How did The Ramona Flowers form?

We formed back in 2012 when Dave Betts(keys/guitar) met Steve Bird (singer) for the first time at a fancy dress party. Dave was dressed as a vacuum cleaner and Steve suprisingly enough as Freddie Mercury (see “I want to Break Free” music vid for comedy reference). Our Drummer Ed Gallimore came on board after a girl Betts knew was stood up on a tinder date by a “Good Looking Guy” who was also a professional drummer. Thankfully one of those facts was correct.

If The Ramona Flowers formed in the 1960’s, what style of music would you play?

It’s gotta be a combination of a Motown rhythm section (Marvin Gaye/Stevie Wonder vibe) with a Surf Rock guitar and keys (the Doors/Beach Boys/Hendrix etc). What that would sound like is anybody’s guess, but I bet it’d be fun making it!

What are your plans for 2018? Any chance we’ll see The Ramona Flowers in Australia?

Yep we’re coming out to you guys later in the year and doing a few intimate shows (TBA). It’s our first time touring in Oz so it’s gonna be very special and we’re all very much looking forward to it.

What do you enjoy most, touring or recording and why?

Has to be touring for me, to be able to finally play new songs live and see people’s reactions is definitely a buzz. Some of these songs could be over a year old by the time we’ve finished writing and recording them so it’s amazing to be able to play them for the first time. You also get to visit different county’s and see so much. We’re definitely very lucky.

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