Post-punk analog synth lines & pounding techno & noise, Outlander debut on Clusternode

by the partae


Outlander release their debut EP Father, Lord and Wizard on Cluster Node, which as an introduction to the London based duo’s sound presents itself on the edges of techno, industrial & noise experimentation.

The EP is reflective of their hardware based live sets evolving from industrial landscapes, syncopated rhythms, extreme use of sampling, post-punk analog synth bass-lines to pounding techno and noise and still, it is not unlikely to hear vocals and guitar sounds.

Opening up with the EP’s most dominating track, Can’t Change Weapons While In Combat is a brutal techno endeavor. Developing in an unusual structure over the course of six minutes, the industrial pounding kicks, aggressive analog synth lines and dynamic percussions have the personality to fill any dance floor.

Title track Father, Lord and Wizard, which will be accompanied by a music video, is an immersive sonic exploration involving recorded acoustic instruments, vintage drum machines and resampling techniques that give an otherworldly feel to the track.

We Found A Corpse, arguably the most ambitious track of the EP, purposefully differs from your typical techno song. This nine-minute journey starts with a calm and strangely meditative pace before relentlessly transporting the listener to the very darkest corners of club music.


01. Can’t Change Weapons While In Combat
02. Father, Lord and Wizard
03. We Found A Corpse

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