Porches announces new album The House for January 19th, shares new track and video, Find Me

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The House, the third full-length album from New York musician Porches (a.k.a Aaron Maine), will arrive on January 19, 2018. The 14-song affair features contributions from (Sandy) Alex G, Dev Hynes, Okay Kaya, Maya Laner (True Blue), Bryndon Cook (Starchild & The New Romantic), Cameron Wisch (Cende), and Maine’s own father Peter Maine.

Today, The House offers the new single “Find Me”, an icy track with lyrics touching on anxiety, escape and isolation. Watch the video, co-directed by Maine and Nick Harwood, HERE.

Watch the video for “Find Me” HERE
Stream “Find Me” HERE

Fans were offered a glimpse into The House recently, with the release of “Country” – a melancholic, tender ballad showcasing Maine’s confident songwriting.  The accompanying video, shot in upstate New York and co-directed again by Maine & Harwood, can be viewed here.

Watch the video for “Country” HERE
Stream “Country” HERE

“‘Country’ traces a narrative of vulnerability so complete that listening to it feels voyeuristic. Whispering synths, piano, and Maine’s wavering voice bring the song to an emotional climax without the insistent beats that de ned [previous album] ‘Pool’. The songwriting, too, is concise and impressionistic” – PITCHFORK ON “COUNTRY”, BEST NEW TRACK

“he can go from pickup-truck casual to heartbreakingly chic in just a matter of seconds.” – VOGUE ON “COUNTRY”

The House was written and recorded over an 18-month stretch, immediately following the completion of Porches’ breakthrough record Pool. Taking a diary-like approach, Aaron documents a period of time through the 14 gorgeous songs on this record.

Says Aaron Maine, on The House:

“The House is a diary. The House began immediately with a sense of urgency. A different kind of urgency than I had experienced previously when writing songs. I wasn’t sure exactly what this meant while it was happening, but it felt necessary to embrace it.  

The songwriting became an exercise in documenting my immediate experiences, which writing has always been for me to a certain extent, but something particular was compelling me to try to portray these moments in a more linear way. Writing this record was a form of meditation, an escape, a routine – selfish at times, as it became an excuse to avoid my immediate surroundings.  

Half the time, I still won’t understand what was going on in my head when I listen to a song I wrote – even months later – but things seemed to be changing fast, and writing these kind of vignettes was soothing to me, a way to kind of slow down time. I don’t think I was necessarily working through anything during the process of writing, if anything maybe avoiding that, but the album has become something different to me in hindsight: a way to look back at a time in my life and see my guts at play. To try and understand what was going through my head as I slid these songs out is an interesting experience, sometimes exciting, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes still totally confusing. I am happy to have these 14 songs in one place to look back on and stumble through and hopefully learn something from, and I am excited to share them with you.”



The House tracklisting
01. Leave The House
02. Find Me
03. Understanding
04. Now The Water
05. Country
06. By My Side
07. Åkeren
08. Anymore
09. Wobble
10. Goodbye
11. Swimmer
12. W Longing
13. Ono
14. Anything U Want

The House is available to pre-order now on ltd. pale yellow translucent vinyl with 11” x 22” fold-out poster, CD, cassette, and digital download.

iTunes | Domino Mart | Bandcamp

The House album art


Featured Photo Credit :   Jason Nocito

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