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Previously operating under the name Superbloom, Palmar Arch is the Alternative Rock music project of song-writer  and multi-instrumentalist, Robert James. After a change in core band membership, Rob is re-launching the project  as a solo venture and is taking the opportunity to re-release the debut single of the former band. Rob says,  “Sunscript is a raw, high-energy rock song that gives a taste of what Palmar Arch is all about, and it’s really exciting  to re-release it under the new look project. Palmar Arch has come a long way since the initial release, and I can’t  wait for the track to reach more listeners”.  

The re-release is accompanied by a brand-new, high octane music video, which will be promoted with amplified  investment. Rob says, “The aim was to combine an energetic performance with a surreal and quirky narrative, to  mirror the lyrics of the song. The ultimate goal is always to produce something visually stimulating, but I also  wanted to abstractly convey the song’s message, which relates to the struggles of mental health. This is a subject  very close to my heart, which makes the re-release even more special to me”

Having already reached over 50,000 Spotify streams, airplay on BBC Radio London and an impressively  engaged social media following, Rob’s determination to impose himself on the music industry cannot be  overlooked. With a collection of songs recorded and ready to release, Palmar Arch are applying the finishing  touches to their debut album, which listeners should expect to hear in 2023. They’ll also be out on the road later in  the year to further promote their music. 

“Palmar Arch shows us what quality music should sound like” – ANR Factory 






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