Olly Davis

by the partae

Where are you currently based?

The beautiful white isle, Ibiza.

For those not already familiar with your sound, how would you describe your music genre?

I love jacking high energy vibes, that’s what I look for in a record whether it’s disco, house or techno it’s that Jacking groove that gets me excited.

How did you get into music?

My parents were my first influences especially my dad who was an awesome blues musician, it was my early environment where I picked up the desire.

I understand your next release is on Carl Cox label Intec, how did you first make contact with Carl Cox?

I first saw Carl Cox live 15 years ago at A Planet Love festival. I was barely of legal age to be there, he absolutely smashed the place, killing it on the 3 decks and I was an instant fan. I saw him any chance I could after that including ADE back in 2010 where I remember pushing by the swarm of people after he gave an interview to pass him a demo.

Your release on Intec is in collaboration with an artist called Carbon Electra, how would you describe the collaborative process of making the EP?

That’s a good question, every collaboration is different , this was a special one for me working with someone I highly admire. I was learning a lot from Carbon Electra leading up to our first project and was very excited to get in the studio together. We started with a track I’d been working on which was sounding pretty good but we both knew it had legs to go further and with the magic of the collaboration out came ‘Funk me’. Reaching the attention of Carl and finding out he was interested to sign it you can imagine we were f**king pumped! Carl asked us to complete an Ep and so the fun began. We wanted to complete an Ep that used all parts of the party, putting both our personal influences into it.

Mentropic was up next, a groove Carbone Electra had created, I loved it and was hanging to work on it, after sending it back and fourth a few times and a final studio session together we were stoked with it.

The final piece of the puzzle was Mussenden we wanted a more raw techno vibe with this one I’d say this was the one we had the most fun with. Now, I’m banging on a little here as you can probably tell. I’m still very excited about this subject! The short answer is having good chemistry and interest with who you are collaborating with and most importantly having fun doing it.

You are also a successful DJ who plays regular gigs, do you currently hold any residencies?

When I’m not in Ibiza you’ll find me where I call home these days in Melbourne. We run our own Rawsum label parties there at my favourite venue in the world, Revolver upstairs. I play regular gigs for Thick as Thieves and their parties. If you’re coming to Melbourne look out for these parties, they are incredible. I’ve  got a residency at ‘Frequency’  @ Pawn & co another exciting new night and venue in Melbourne. This Ibiza summer include bookings at Cafe Del Mar, Sankeys and loving my weekly residency at ‘Sunreal’ a fresh new pool party that’s flying at Jet Apartments.

Outside of electronic music what are your other interests, and do they influence your sound?

I love food and do enjoy cooking mainly ridiculous breakfasts! I’m currently writing up a menu with my girlfriend to host our own home restaurant which we call ‘Legends Cafe’, but wait, before you get excited it’s only for friends. Maybe someday we’ll open to the public, who knows. I also enjoying reading when I get the chance mainly personal development books and success stories. I love that stuff and certainly get influenced from it.

Apart from the EP on Intec do you have any other forthcoming releases we should be watching out for?

I’m excited for our Rawsum Ibiza sampler to be released 22nd August. I’ve got a track on there along side 8 very talented producers to look out for. I’m also looking forward to an Ep release in September on Safe music and an October release with Witty tunes. I’m a massive fan of both these labels and pumped to be releasing with them again.

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Paudreen July 28, 2017 - 3:19 am

Fab Olly. Keep buzzing xx


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