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Following your 2014 debut album ‘First Mind’ your just about to release your new album ‘Wake Up Now’ out September 8, 2017 via Caroline Australia / Fiction Records (Pumarosa, The Maccabees, The Big Moon).  Wake Up Now was produced by Dan Carey (Kate Tempest, Bat For Lashes, TOY) and Ethan Johns (Ryan Adams, Kings Of Leon, U2, Paul McCartney, what was it like working with top levels producers such as Dan and Ethan?

Absolutely amazing. They’re two very different operators and I feel like I had my cake and ate it.. Ethan resonated with my desire to record in a love way. He understood that the record pivoted on creating the conditions within which I could surrender control and let it happen. I’m grateful to him. It was so much fun! And Dan Carey is any collaborators dream! So creative.. such a friend to me. I love him. Dan knows how to make electronics live and breathe..

Did you expect Wake Up Now to take the direction that it finally did?

No! I knew I wanted to share the process, but I had no idea I’d make it with some of my best friends. I had no idea it would flow like it did..

Where did you record?

Real World Studios. It’s Peter Gabriel’s studios, an old converted mill tucked at the bottom of a quiet valley in Wiltshire.

Did you collaborate with any other musicians on the album?  If so who and what did they play?

My wife Isadora sings on the record and offered the occasion melodic line. Supporting me thru this like she has deserves a mention of course. Federico Bruno came into my life at the right time and we write Myela together. He plays guitars, synths, BVs, and offered invaluable production skills too. Dean Brodrick is a jazz musician and all round inspired human. He plays piano, prepared piano, keyboards, accordion, percussion… we were a really collaborative family of friends in the studio. Too many to mention here!

What inspired you to make this second album?

Becoming a father. Irreversible climate change. Love.

What equipment was used?

My Perez flamenco guitar, drums, basses, eventide delay processors, prayer beads, voices, Jupiter 8 synth.

Where did you master and who with?

John Dent! Legend!

Who handled the artwork?

Leif Podjhasky.

Do you think you have progressed musically and as a recording artist since your last album and if so in what way?

Definitely. I let go. From the beginning I shared the process because I realised I knew it wouldn’t dilute my expression.

What do you like to do outside of music?

Be with my friends. Adore plants and trees and lakes and stars and marvel at nature.

Top 3 icons?

Lennon, Marley, Ramana Maharshi

When and where are you playing next?

Friday 8th, Bestival!



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