NEW VIDEO: Immigrant Union remind us of the transformative power of daydreaming in new video for their latest single ‘Ahmed’ of recent album JUDAS

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Immigrant Union remind us of the transformative power of daydreaming in the trippy new video for their latest single ‘Ahmed’ of recent album JUDAS

“The latest single from their third album, ‘Ahmed’ sees Immigrant Union once again prove their worth as leaders of the Melbourne music scene.” 
– Rolling Stone

“A rollercoastering collection of folk infused psychedelia that certainly won’t betray your high expectations of the band.” – Francis Tait, Trouble Juice

“It is an excellent album. I mean a properly excellent album, full of twangy psychedelia, slow burning jams, urgent surfy guitars and hypnotic, slinky grooves.” – The Mad Mackerel (UK)

Off the back of their recently released and well-loved third album JUDAS, Australian-American outfit Immigrant Union are pleased to reveal a new video for their standout single ‘Ahmed’. Recorded in Melbourne and mixed in Portland, Oregon, JUDAS showcases Immigrant Union’s signature Americana elements with psych-rock in their most explorative sound yet. Focus single ‘Ahmed’ is driven by a groovy bassline beneath sharp lyricism, distorted guitar riffs and toe-tapping percussion, creating the perfect soundtrack for director and long time friend, Alexander Francis to work his magic.

“Ahmed is the latest single from our new album JUDAS. To help bring the single to life we collaborated with director and long time friend, Alexander Francis. Francis wrote up a killer treatment for the video that we loved immediately. He took our initial video idea of commentary on the trap of missing moments due to being submerged in the bullshit of one’s phone and extended on that beautifully. Ahmed, lyrically tells the story of a refugee trying to make their way to London. It also comments on ignorance surrounding the plights of refugees. Ahmed is a journey and Francis was able to take that journey and spin it into a journey of his own all the while allowing the themes of the song to breathe through his new creation.”
– Bob Harrow, Immigrant Union

Featuring The Dandy Warhols’ Brent DeBoer and boasting Aussie indie rock icon Courtney Barnett and her bandmates as former members, Immigrant Union are a local band with international rock royalty heritage. JUDAS is the first record to feature relative newcomers Ben Street (bass) and Paddy McGrath-Lester (drums) who join founding members Brent DeBoer, Bob Harrow and Peter Lubulwa in their 10+ year reign of Melbourne’s world-class psych underground.

Judas is out now via Cheersquad Records & Tapes

‘Ahmed’ Video Credits:
Written and Directed by Alexander Francis
Shot by Alexander Francis on location at Mitchelton Wines, Nagambie, Vic, Aus.
‘Ahmed’ taken from Immigrant Union’s album JUDAS
‘Ahmed’ written by Harrow / Deboer

Immigrant Union band members:
Brent DeBoer
Bob Harrow
Peter Lubulwa
Ben Street
Paddy McGrath-Lester

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