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Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

Hello! I am currently based out of Miami, FL and Brooklyn, NY. Most of the time I live in Miami though because that is where my Studio is.

How did you first start playing music?

I started playing music at a very young age. I use to be in a punk band back home in Santo Domingo for a very long time. We toured a lot around the US and Latin America and released a few records. Then when we broke up I started getting into house music and production.

Please tell us about how and why you started your label Nosso:

Some friends and I started Nosso because we come from a place where it’s very hard to get support for art. Since playing in underground rock bands all our lives, we have a very DIY mindset. So starting a label was a no brainer. The main goal of Nosso is to help artists get heard on a global scale.

What do you find most challenging and rewarding with running Nosso?

The most challenging thing is searching for new artists that have a unique sound. We get a ton of demo’s each month and for the most part you’d think it’s the same producer make all these tracks. The most rewarding thing is when you find that one artist that just smacks you in the face and then getting to work with them.

How do you go about deciding which artists to work with?

Since we are a small collective we are very selective with who we work with. First of all we would need to create some sort of personal relationship. We don’t like to put out records of people we don’t genuinely know on a human level. This is very important to us.

What have you been working on recently?

Recently I have been working non stop on new music. For the past couple of years I was 100% focused on performing and working on parties but now I’ve shifted my energy to creating.

What programs/equipment do you use when producing?

For the most part I use Ableton live with very few plug-ins. I enjoy Soundtoys and Waves. For outbox gear I use my Fender bass a lot to create sounds and lead melodies. I find that integrating real instruments to my productions gives my tracks more personality and makes them feel alive.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I am all over the place with music. Today I was listening to the new Atoms for Peace album. They are one of my favorite new bands out today. I love how they mix electronic with percussive elements and Flea is one of my favorite bass players.

Please tell us about your current residency in Miami:

Miami is great! I’ve been working with Link Miami Rebels since 2015 helping with promoting and then holding my residencies at Trade and Club Space. Recently I took some time off because the workload was just overwhelming me and taking away from my creativeness as a producer. I’ve found its very hard to do promotion, DJ, and be busy producing. It got to the point that I was getting a lot of anxiety so I decided to take a break and focus on what’s most important for me which is my mental health and being creative.

What do you have planned for 2019?

For 2019 I plan on traveling a lot. I already have a tour lined up for March to promote my new release, Hinode, which comes out on March 4th on Nosso. I’ll be traveling here in the US and Latin America. I’ll also be playing the Isle of Light Festival which I’m stoked about! Besides the touring, I’ve made it my mission to release as much music as possible. I already have a single coming out on Hatching Creatures in March for Miami Music Week’s VA and then an EP following with them as well in April.

What do you like to do away from music?

The thing that I love the most about music is the challenge of actually making something meaningful that can make a random person in the world happy. Music is powerful and we should integrate it more in our daily lives. You know when the music hits you feel nothing wrong!

Favourite food and place to hangout?

Whenever you come to Miami you have to go to El Taquito in Coconut Grove. It’s this little gem in the mix of all these posh and fancy shops. You get three tacos for 3 dollars! They are the best tacos in Miami hands down.

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